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Wine preservation

By Princewill

You may not have to gulp down you entire bottle of wine just because you think it could not be preserved. A bottle of wine once opened begins to interact with air which makes it breath and allows the aroma to come out, however, with time air begins to affect it negatively, this is why the Connoisseur says that the prevention of wine exposure is in its preservation. There are several ways to preserve your choice wine once it is opened to get the best out of it.

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You can preserve wine by

  • Keeping the opened bottle of wine in the refrigerator whether it is white or red wine. The cool darkness of the refrigerator will slow down the oxidation process.
  • Close the bottle with its original corkscrew, be sure it sticks firmly such that you will need to corkscrew to get it out again, this technique along with the refrigerator will keep the wine intact for four (4) days.
  • You can have the wine turned into the smaller bottle, so that is full, it means there is no room for air to remain and spoil the wine.