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Its twenty four years already when Nigerians regardless of their ethnicity, religion or socioeconomic status trooped out enmasse to vote for the candidate of their choice. Not even the chauvinistic elites could deter Nigerians, as we all left all to pursue all. For the first time, we   possess a common bond in the pursuit of a common destiny.

Moshood Kasimaawo Olawale Abiola M.K.O. became a symbol of hope and the epitome of the re-invention of a truly united Nigeria. Hope was alive, until of course, something happened. Nigeria’s blocking 4, skilled in intercepting our passes towards progress. One step forward, two hundred backwards. The blocking 4 can act spontaneously or gradually sow the seed of discord and provocation with utmost determination to undermine peace and corporate existence.
The violent diatribes   by some northern youth coalition ordering individuals of Igbo extraction to leave the north and the agitation of the IPOB are yet another blocking 4 to the progress of this country.

MKO is gone and the #june12 hope is fading away. As we remember the day of Nigeria’s unity, let us beware of this blocking 4 at this time of our political dispensation.
Hope Alive