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How to manage body pain as you age

Dealing with your child’s bad attitude towards your wife

Our bodies change as we age. And as much as we’d like to steer clear of long-lasting muscle, joint, back and arthritis pain, we may be unable to dodge these symptoms as time marches on. So why does this happen? With age, muscle fibres shrink and weaken, which can contribute to fatigue and limit physical activity. At the same time, ...

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Your kidney health matters

Your kidney health matters (NC) Kidneys are vital to your overall health. Did you know that as many as 50 per cent of people with diabetes may show signs of kidney damage?   It’s true – kidney disease can be caused by diabetes, and can put you at high risk for heart attack or stroke. It may start slowly and ...

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9 Health Rights You Have as a Patient


(NC) Anyone seeing a regulated healthcare professional in Ontario can count on safety, competency, and ethics. These rights are upheld by the bodies that regulate over 300,000 health care professionals. These 26 colleges hold professionals accountable for their conduct and practice. “The colleges help people understand their rights as patients,” explains Shenda Tanchak, president of the Federation of Health Regulatory ...

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