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5 Canadian travel destinations to celebrate 150


Our neighbours to the south and around the world are learning what Canadians have known all along. The New York Times and Lonely Planet both recently named Canada the number one destination to visit in 2017, just in time for our 150th birthday. Travel within parts of the country is already seeing a boost. If you’re thinking of exploring some ...

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When Royalty Embraces Progress – Still on Ooni’s Visit to Canada @150

Olumide Julius Oyekunle

Traditional rulers in Africa are no doubt an embodiment of grace personified. They never walk alone like the slogan of the popular English Premier League side and of course, their roles as the custodian of culture gives them a social status that enables them to flaunt regalia and decorate themselves with women as if they were commodities. In the 21st ...

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Nigerian Flag

If it were a Hollywood movie, it would have made the Oscars. Sadly, it was not make-believe; it was real, it happened and it could only have happened in Black World’s most populous country, Nigeria, where strange things are never strange. In many respects, it is evidence of how much the country has suffered in the hands of its political ...

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Canada @ 150 – The argument for a seat at the UN Security Council

canada@ 50

Canada’s milestone anniversary as it clocks 150 is not only a landmark achievement but also significant. Beyond the democratic ideals which promote freedom to attain the summit of happiness and prosperity, the country is also the melting pot for cross-cultural connection. The country boasts of not less than 200 different nationalities as it provides a safe haven for thousands seeking ...

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Justin Bieber has been banned from performing in China

justin beiber

The Beijing’s Bureau Culture said in a very statement released that the young singer is a talented singer, however he’s also a controversial Singer. it was said that it’s inappropriate to allow entertainers with bad behaviours. China has added the name of the youngster to the list of Hostile Foreign Forces ranking somewhere below the Dalai Lama and Taiwanese separatists. ...

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Patriotism: Toronto condemned a patriotic act which saved taxpayers $50,000

toronto condemned

A local patriotic citizen built a set of stairs at his park for just C$550 when the city budgeted a cost of a minimum of C$65,000 ($51,500, £40,000) for it. This act can be seen as an act of patriotism, and everybody should emulate this. But, rather than the government commendation, Toronto has blocked off the access to the local ...

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Canada – Quebec to give abortion pill for free by end of 2017

                Thursday, 6th of July, Quebec Health Minister Gaétan barrette declared that ”the abortion pill are going to be available to Quebec residents for free by the end of autumn 2017”. “The government of Quebec has always been supportive towards the right of ladies to choose, significantly with regard to abortion,” said barrette. ...

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Trudeau visit Queen with a Canadian flag

British rulers

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marked Canada’s 150th birthday with the Queen of England on Wednesday by giving her the Canadian flag that flew on the Peace Tower on Canada Day. Trudeau met with Queen Elizabeth II for a non-public audience at the Palace of Holyroodhouse on a daylong stop in Edinburgh , her official Scottish residence, where he presented her ...

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How Ottawa Can Start an Innovation Revolution in Canada


“Government is a big buyer with many complex challenges. Entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to these problems should have a shot at solving them, don’t you think?” This question was asked this fall by federal Minister of Small Business and Tourism Bardish Chagger in a speech she gave to celebrate Small Business Week in Ottawa. But can the government actually do ...

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