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Sex toys you should own

There are lots of different sex toys out there to try and spice up your sex life. Some of them are fun for the first couple of times you use them then the novelty wears off but others are ones that can be used again and again. The toys that can become a regular part of your sex life are ones that you should own because the hours of pleasure will be worth it.

The vibrator is a classic sex toy and there’s a variety to choose from since they come with different features. There’s traditional ones, pocket vibrators, g-spot vibrators, rabbits and so on. You can buy one that suits your needs and some vibrators like the traditional and pocket ones aren’t gender specific so they can be used on yourself or on your partner. They can be used in a teasing way to heighten the mood by sliding it over your body or you can insert it to get the full impact of the vibrations.

Nipple clamps are a great toy for those who want to experience kink without taking things too far. They’re easy to put on, can be used on women or men and add a hint of pain that’s tolerable. They squeeze one of your most sensitive areas and the pain can feel good which adds a new sensation to sex. Nipple clamps can be bought singular but you can also get ones with bells on them or that are joined by a chain. The ones with bells on can create a playful mod while the ones with a chain can be tugged on during rougher sex.

A vibrating cock ring is a toy that men wear and it helps them stay harder for longer. These are better than traditional cock rings because the vibrations add a different sensation to what he normally feels and it can also give his partner more pleasure. She’ll be able to feel the vibrations too and some are designed with a small clit stimulator on them which can drive her crazy. With vibrating cock rings sex can last longer and give both partners enjoyment.

A blindfold and padded restraints can easily turn a night of sex into a night of sensual excitement. These can add kink to the bedroom without making anyone feel too vulnerable because she has trust in her partner. The blindfold takes away her sense of sight and she’ll by lying there listening for every sound while her wildest fantasies fill her mind. This gives her an adrenaline rush and make her arousal stronger. The padded restraints are softer and more comfortable than handcuffs and will keep her in place without giving her the dirty feeling that rough kink has. She’ll be helpless and her partner can take his time touching her and building up the anticipation before finally making love to her.

Sex toys aren’t a necessity but there are a few that you should consider owning because you’ll be using them all the time. Vibrators and vibrating cock rings can give both partners pleasure and add a new sensation to sex. Nipple clamps can bring an element of pain which some find exciting and enjoyable while a blindfold and padded restraints can make kink seem fun and approachable. By buying one or all of these sex toys you can try something different every night and stop your sex life from becoming boring.

Why is foreplay necessary?

Foreplay is an important part of sex for men and women for a variety of reasons. It is beneficial physically but also mentally and can help couples feel closer not only during sex but also in their everyday relationship. When foreplay is skipped or seen as a chore then sex can feel uncomfortable and unwanted or even painful. Learn why foreplay is necessary to your relationship and start seeing the benefits of it by incorporating it into your sex life.


The key to a healthy sex life is both partners feeling attractive and appreciated. Without these feeling sex becomes boring and mechanical, without emotions or passion. A lot of women need to feel like their partner finds them attractive and want to have sex with her and they way this can get shown is through foreplay. Men can show this by being affectionate instead of rushing right to sex so they can have an orgasm. Learn where she’s most sensitive and where she likes to be touch.


Ask her what feels good and do it while watching her body language to see if you’re doing it right. By asking what her needs are you’re showing her that you care about her wants and needs which will make her feel loved. The things you say can also


help boost her mood so tell her how beautiful she looks or compliments her on something you know will make her happy. During foreplay use touch and words to build a connection with each other because it sets the mood. If she doesn’t feel loved or wanted then she’s not going to feel good about herself and this could lead to her not wanting or enjoying sex. Show her just how much you want her by taking the time to let her senses build. Kiss her, touch her and make her want you. Don’t be shy about telling her what you enjoy. She wants to know how to make you happy so if she does something that you like tell her.


Foreplay also has the physical benefit of pleasure. It helps women become aroused and without arousal they are usually unable to orgasm. Activities like kissing and touching increases blood flow which women need because it helps get them wet and makes the clitoris more sensitive. Without lubrication sex is painful and can cause tearing in the vagina so make sure they’re physically ready before taking things further. Start with light touches and kisses and let the feeling build before you gradually move on to faster or harder touches. Some people take longer than others to become aroused so let things go at the natural pace and don’t rush it. An extended session of foreplay increases arousal and makes you want each other even more. Sex becomes something that you need to have and it makes the whole experience more exciting.

Sex without foreplay can lead to problems in the bedroom which is something that no couple wants. Take the time to enjoy each others’ bodies and make sex something fun and enjoyable for both of you.