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The destination is Asia and it’s a promise of a job and a life that is most desirable and worthwhile. Africans are not tempted twice before they make a decision to leave their countries. They just don’t think before saying “I do” to these merchants of death. The socio-economic conditions in Africa has made many susceptible to this evil network of human traffickers. Recently, a video surfaced online about how Nigerians and other Africans who had traveled to Dubai were subjected to torture and sufferings in the hands of abductors who use deceptive means to bring them overseas. It is no longer news that many are tricked to travel to India, Malaysia and Indonesia and forced to undergo surgery for kidney removal.

India for instance, is known to have a cartel that specializes in getting human body parts for rich people who need replacement. It is saddening that many die in the process. Young girls are forced to engage in prostitution and the men among them who get frustrated on arrival engage in theft and other criminal activities to survive. How do they go about it so that everyone reading this may be able to warn others at home or elsewhere who may be caught unawares.

Online Job Application Portals
Perhaps the most potent weapon, the high rate of unemployment in many African countries is not abating as population soars. Individuals often receive emails or notifications on linkedIn about vacant job positions outside their countries. Those who engage in this unscrupulous venture are so computer savvy and perfected the art of patience in cunning. Unsuspecting job seekers are asked to open a link and fill an online form or download a perfectly designed form of a well-established International organization or its affiliate. Furthermore, individuals are asked to submit copies of their International passport and other relevant documents like certificates. On hearing this, the joy of the individual at the receiving end knows no bound and might start giving testimonies and resort into fasting and prayer for the perfection of ‘God’s bumper package’. Some may require payment for Visa, while others are just so magnanimous that they subsidize your Visa fees and travelling expenses. Don’t be fooled, they don’t loose.

Talent Hunt and Skill Development
Footballers and Athletes who seek greener pastures to showcase their talents and skills are easy targets for human traffickers. They are given assurance that they are promoters of International repute and can link them with clubs and Managers in Europe and elsewhere. They also approach parents and guardians when the individual is a minor to receive their blessings and often to the delight of the poverty stricken, ignorant parents.

About The Author

Olumide Oyekunle
How to avoid falling into the hands of human traffickers of this new dimension is to avoid being apprehensive of travelling out of the country before you can make it. Their potent weapons are not within their reach, they exist in the fear nursed by their prey and the ignorance of their targets. Many Africans are so desperate they just don’t search and seek information. Asking questions will save you from errors just like the Biblical saying, “but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety”. This remains the best way of not getting jinxed