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Quick Beauty Tips

By Susan M. Keenan

Women are truly beautiful- in personality and in looks.  Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a bit of effort or a weekly beauty regimen to keep women looking beautiful.  Below, a number of helpful, easy-to-use, and quick beauty tips are provided to make that regimen even more successful and pleasant.


Shaving Tips

  • If you use shaving cream, allow it to do its magic.  Let your shaving cream soften your hair and skin for a few moments before you begin shaving.  Your skin will be softer for it.
  • Shave as closely as possible to lengthen the time in between shaves.  
  • For close shaves, always use a shaving cream with an added moisturizer.
  • Moisturize after shaving to prevent flaking and dry skin.

Tweezing Tips

  • Tweezing your unwanted hairs is easier if you soften the skin or open the pores up first.  Try tweezing after your shower.  Alternatively, you can apply a heated and damp cloth to the area to be tweezed.
  • If tweezing is painful, you can attempt to numb the area somewhat by applying a cold pack or ice cube to the area before you begin.

Waxing Tips

  • Never wax an area that is sore or dry.
  • Always wear loose clothing immediately after waxing to avoid chafing.
  • Apply an antibacterial cream immediately after waxing to prevent rashes or infection.

Bleaching Tips

  • Test your sensitivity to any bleaching products prior to using them.  If you experience a reaction, don’t use the product.  Instead, find another one to try.

Moisturizing Tips

  • Moisturize before your skin gets dry.
  • Apply body oil before your shower for even softer skin.
  • When you are bathing, soak in the tub, and then rub your skin with a soft face cloth to remove dead skin cells.
  • If your body skin is rough and dry, try soaking in a tub laced with oil.  Alternatively, you can soak in a tub that has about one cup of powdered milk dissolved in the water.

Nail Polish Removal Tips

  • Learn patience and allow each coat to dry completely and thoroughly before applying the next coat for the best results.  Read up on your beauty tips while waiting.
  • Always apply a clear base coat to minimize chipping.
  • Apply a clear top coat for added protection.

Nail Polish Removal Tips

  • Use a conditioning nail polish remover for added benefits.
  • Separate your toes with cotton balls for better access.
  • Clip your nails at the same time.
  • Give your toenails a break once in a while and allow them to be polish-free for a day or two to promote healthy nails.

Beating Cellulite Tips

  • Eat a healthy diet and avoid processed foods, sugars, and fats.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • Reduce your stress level since this can slow down your circulation and promote cellulite.
  • Incorporate an exercise routine- at least three times a week.
  • Use a cellulite cream.

Concealer Tips

  • Experiment with more than one shade of concealer when you first begin to use them or when you switch brands.  Finding the perfect shade is easier if you apply it to your skin to see how it looks, rather than relying on the package information.
  • Never use a shade of concealer that is lighter than your own skin coloring to cover a problem area.  Instead of hiding it, it will accentuate the problem even more.
  • If you can’t find it in your heart to forgive your freckles for existing, use a skin concealer that matches your skin color.

Pencil Liner Tips

  • Sharpen your pencil after each use to ensure a fine tip each time that you use it.  Moreover, these will help to prevent spreading of bacterial germs.

Eye Shadow Tips

  • When in doubt about the color of the eye shadow that you will apply, opt for something neutral.
  • Avoid eye shadows with added glitter if your eyelids are not in the best shape.

Eyelash Tips

  • If your eyelashes are straight, try using an eyelash curler for a new look.
  • When applying mascara, move the mascara wind gently.  If possible and you have a steady hand, gently move the mascara wand a bit from side to side as you go to avoid clumping.

Powder Tips

  • Always use light strokes when applying your facial powder.
  • Always use downward strokes when applying your facial powder, to avoid having any stick in the fine facial hairs that exist.  In particular, brush lightly and downward near the jawline and side of the face.
  • Carry a compact of powder in your skin tone color for quick touch ups throughout your day, especially for those areas prone to shine like a beacon in the night- nose, forehead, and chin.

Perfecting A New Look Tips

  • Read up on new hairdo styles, makeup products, and skin care products.
  • Spend an afternoon practicing what you have read.  So many times, we read things and think that they are such good ideas, but then, we fail to try them.
  • When you try a new thing, allow a few days to pass before deciding whether you like it.  Change takes time to get used to in most cases.
  • Make one change at a time so that you can truly access its impact on your look.
  • Apply new colors lightly at first to get a better look at whether the colors suit your skin coloring.

Hair Care Tips

  • Be gentle with your hair.  Avoid pulling it out.  Remember that wet hair is more susceptible to damage.
  • Read the directions on the label of each product and follow them to the letter.  If your conditioner states that it should remain in for a specified time before rinsing, then do so.
  • Blot your hair dry before applying your conditioner.
  • Test your hair for healthiness before using any chemical treatments.  In this case, you will need to pull out one strand of hair.  Hold each end in one hand and then tug at it.  If the hair breaks easily, it isn’t strong enough to undergo chemical treatments, such as dying, of any kind.

Of course, there are more tips out there that will make your beautifying processes even easier.  These are simply a sampling of quick suggestions to make your life easier.