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Patriotism: Toronto condemned a patriotic act which saved taxpayers $50,000

A local patriotic citizen built a set of stairs at his park for just C$550 when the city budgeted a cost of a minimum of C$65,000 ($51,500, £40,000) for it.

This act can be seen as an act of patriotism, and everybody should emulate this. But, rather than the government commendation, Toronto has blocked off the access to the local steps and asked Mr. Adi Astl, the 73 year-old pensioner, to remove them.

Before the steps were built there by Mr. Astl, the govt. kept silent about it and it needed a very urgent attention, Mr. Astl said a few people had fallen down the steep muddy embankment to the park.

Mr Astl said he felt the need for him to take a fast action in building a walkway step after his local councillor told him about the budget that was allotted for the very little project.

He said, “To me, the safety of individuals is more necessary than money, therefore if the city isn’t willing to do it I have to do it myself.”

He added that the entire project took him and his neighbours about 14 hours to complete it.

Mr Astl’s local councillor, Justin Di Ciano, said the calculable cost that the city said could go from $65,000 to $150,000, was far too much.

“With $150,000 you can put up half a house’’, he added.

Toronto mayor, John Tory agreed that the calculable worth was too much, however said ‘’it simply won’t legally sound well for private citizens to “go out to Home Depot and build a stairway in a park because that is what they’d like to have”.

City staff reported that they’re re-assessing the budget estimate, which was formerly based on another stairway that was built in a nearby park.