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Ousted South Korean President Supposedly Signed off on a Deal to get rid of Kim Jong Un

By Robert Njeru

South Korea’s former president Park Geun-hye supposedly signed off a plan to get rid of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un using all available options, including assassination and exile.

According to a recent report by the Asahi Shimbun, a famous Japanese newspaper, an inside source revealed that Park Geun-hye approved a plan for “leadership change” in North Korea. The former president made this move after the two nations had a failed bilateral meeting. Park was impeached for corruption in the beginning of the year.

Under Park’s leadership, South Korea threw away the option of dialogue. The nation was reportedly working with the U.S. to come up with a special operations unit that would be tasked with the responsibility of eliminating North Korean leadership if it posed a threat to the South.

Park also urged citizens of North Korean to defect en masse.

The task of coming up with the elimination strategy was given to The National Intelligence Service. The spy agency made its plan while carefully covering up any evidence that would link South Korea, they did this to prevent an “accident” that was likely to provoke military retaliation from the young North Korean dictator.

The agency has established that Kim Jong-un has a lot of control on his country than they had previously projected and hence leadership change was a highly unlikely aspiration. Earlier, The National Intelligence Service had described the nation as unstable and under the leadership of a young paranoid leader, making regime change an achievable goal.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service recently disclosed that Kim Jong-un is extremely paranoid; he avoids using his Mercedes Benz and instead uses his subordinates’ vehicles when he travels and to top it all off, he only travels before dawn. Kim has decreased his public appearances by 32 percent because he is fearful of a decapitation strike by allied forces. The report from The Korea Herald also revealed that the dictator’s security has prevented any offensive move from taking place.

Park and his administration might have been working towards making a leadership change in the North but it was him who ended up losing his seat. Park is currently in jail and has been replaced by liberal candidate Moon Jae-in who was voted in recently. Moon’s administration is leaning towards dialogue with North Korea but Kim Jong-un’s regular missile tests have complicated this strategy.

North Korea recently accused the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Intelligence Service of plotting to kill Kim Jong-un using a biochemical weapon. However, they did not provide substantial evidence to support their claims.

North Korea is believed to be in the process of perfecting the technology required to test an intercontinental ballistic missile. This weapon is a threat to the rest of the world because it can be used to provoke a world war, it can impact South Korea’s defense strategy and those of its allies.