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Osun 2018: The State of Confusion

By Ibraheem Alli

Komukolo, the supernatural, obstinate and seemingly autocrat monarch fiction in the playlet “Peace by Pieces” by Sola Owonibi was a confused man characterized with ill-justiciary. He usurped the royalty through the back door, had to slain Bojuri, the compassionate king of Oya and became the Abacha of the kingdom. As faith could have it, he paid his father`s debt after telling his father`s proverb. The traditional/political didactic piece innovate the inevitable epilogue accompanying every power drunk souls. Despite all orchestrations to dominate perennially, the immunity and magical impunity were locked and the king fell into the cold hand of a lad, whose his parents were bait in the hand of the predator (Komukolo).

In essence, the sultry language of our political actors towards the next year gubernatorial election in the Land of Virtue (Osun State) is ominous. Why? The hue surrounding the political atmosphere is not tasteful weighing the gladiators and their paying masters’ antecedents. Though, many known faces, the usual dust throwers in the populace eyes are mending their fences with propaganda. My pen has refused to trust any, because they have played one of few roles in the past that have contributed to our current state. Hmm, tested but not trusted, children of morally corruptible decadence.

The intra and inter party leadership tussles are indications of a confused state. Why? The tappers are cutting the climbing rope in an attempt to injure the palm-tree but who is at risk? The two major political parties case is likened to that of a proverbial fowl that perched on a rope, neither the rope nor the fowl shall know peace. This is certified in the usual propaganda of bitter politics against each other. Why the handler is tagging his opponent as corrupt and keeps admitting and appointing him with juicy portfolio as close ally. Can anyone justify the difference between six and half a dozen? Birds of a feather.

The umbrella has been stereotyped as corrupt, holding interdenominational prayers in the state but for what purpose? May be to effect peoples thought against the tore logo. In fact, that account for more reasons why the prayer for the country is said to be drawn from a polluted pond in the hope of achieving political prosperity. The jostling for the party`s ticket is keenly competitive, covering the three senatorial division of the country. Naturally, there is schism and the party cohorts have been pitching their tent for their respective preferred candidate. Unpalatable is the integrity of the political marketers who have shown interest in the race. They are usual customers that should not be trusted by a critical mind.

More regrettable is the impotency of the broom and the sweepers. It is an incontestable fact that “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Where are the people in the governance of Osun State? The government enacted by the peoples` thumb and run by a soul. Can a government without cabinet, local government authority and disappointedly, half salary running to 10 months be trusted again? Few of the leading party`s stalwarts rebuked the development only to be sent packing at the government house by the power that be. Ogbeni himself, the all in all. The bottom line of any serious government is improving people standard of living. The government is nothing but a disgrace should it fail to put smile in populace faces.

Our years of crawling democratic dispensation is a failure and an unforgivable offence on the part of those who have represented us in any elective position. Every candidates requesting for our support should judge himself before will judge him because it will not be the business as usual. They have started their hide and seek game tagging themselves messia. Have they just gotten baptized? In my last year`s article on Osun 2018 Guber Poll, where therein intra and inter party calculations, orchestrations and insinuations were enumerated. But to my disappointment, nothing has changed.

There exist many variables housing the competitive tendency plaguing the state political market. Unavoidably, the glut of the expected political heat is exceeding the roof of intra party engagement. Parties with cracking walls and leaking roofs have commenced house padding, imperatively sweeping their house from inside to avoid public disgrace which is inevitable in a democratic society.

Just like an hollow bleary eyes that needs early preparation, the political gladiators are exchanging views in favour of their subject as a blast-off in preparation of 2018 race. Prior to this, politicians and political bodies have drummed support for certain zone in respect of political zoning for an all inclusive representation. In their popular convincing but undemocratic political calculation, they claimed Osun Central had had their two consecutive tenures of eight years. The incumbent Governor Rauf Adesoji Aregebsola has represented and still representing the East for her second tenure to equate eight years of the Central. Political analysts are of the unpopular democratic formular of Osun West producing the next governor of the state. Apparently, the west has equally begun her intra politicking and pronouncing favourable Federal Constituency to nurture a preferred and close ally. Iwo Federal Constituency is not an exemption to this. They claimed the exalted seat has never been tasted by any of their sons and daughters. This was fairly corroborated few weeks ago in my reportorial contact with Oluwo Of Iwo, HRM Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi Telu I where therein drums political support for Iwoland. Iwo, was learnt to be the most populous Local Government in Osun West Senatorial District. Will the variable play itself out? Many figures predominantly the ex, the new and the incumbent are trading achievements, political structure, community services and the likes to convince the populace as the best among peers.

Surprisingly, many have denied their bed wet political allies, few mending their fences to regain the lost trust and loyalty. I read a published story credited to the former speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Hon. Adejare Bello where he vowed never to be a running mate to Senator Iyiola Omisore again. Who knows if that is a political statement? Denying and re-align with political bed mate is never knew. If a former president and Head of State could cross carpet to another political party, what should will expect of mere former head of the State Legislative Arm? Will the cracking walls and leaking roof of his party ever be mended? It is left to them, all of them. The foremost promoter of the party in the state has vowed to respect the party democracy and not the unpopular zoning. Will the party have their way in 2018? That is abridged of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun. With the tenacious statement of Omisore, Will zoning be respected?

As to the change emblem, who tagged themselves change agents. Their internal democracy is not predictable. They shouted democracy to our hearing only to see anti democracy. If not, they should bring government nearer to the grassroots by conducting Local Government election. This government shoul stop deceiving us of pending litigation on the matter. Osun APC, in their intra party manifestation will never tell you of selecting instead of electing a candidate in their primaries, but will rather orchestrate and have their way through the back door. Will similar incidence play itself out in 2018? Many serving political figures are nursing ambition, competing in cash and generosity to win more souls and gain more acknowledgements. Will the unpaid salary be forgotten even if an angel is presented under the party? Hope this will not be a shoot? I think, we, the citizen who want the best for the state be vigilant of each candidates antecedents and the likely expectation from them.

Other political parties are judging the PDP and APC as failure owing to their demonstration so far. This, they thought has nursed ill-feeling against them as tested and failed and optimistic will convince people to their side. Either logical or illogical, the unfolding events shall tell.

In an ideal society, only failed pupils are mandated to repeat a class more than once. And even, to serve your people is not by force. Either elected or selected, peoples mandate is germane. But in a society that has no respect for his people, incumbency ill-governance and deceptive electioneering campaign are unavoidable. I keep asking and wondering if the subjected poverty striking electorates will not dance to the bag of rice and booty of our collective sweat (money). Will their slag bait enslave us as usual? I hope we have learnt not to humanize perpetual failures as usual.

Though, it is natural to represent, either positive or negative, we are all entitle to our reasoning which is the product of our understanding. Standing with the masses is the best political decision of this dying time. And sacrosanct in doing such is drumming an unalloyed support for an experienced young compassionate candidate who have not exhausted all his steam in disappointing people the more. How many years will it take a mad man to act the script of a 30-year rehearsed madness? Sir, I don’t think those we have tested and failed should still be voted in 2018 if Osun must rise again.