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Mixed reactions trail the merging of religious studies as CAN fumes

Nigerians have continued to react to the removal of Christian religious Knowledge (C.R.K.) from the school curriculum by the NERDC. The agency had merged CRK with Ethics and social studies, a move which has prompted reactions from the Christian Association of Nigeria.
CAN has condemned the move as a plot to Islamize the country. Sources from the Ministry of Education says the move to merge both religions into a subject is to promote religious tolerance and to allow students learn the two major religions. Many Nigerians still think it is irrelevant as they feel it will only confuse the children. In a chat with a cross-section of Nigerians, Nigerian-Canadian news sought the reactions of parents on the pressing issue.
Mrs. Bisola Omotosho, Muslim and a mother of two gave her candid opinion, “see, if you tell the students today that Jesus is Lord and the following day that Muhammed is the Prohet, you are only confusing the child and to me, it doesn’t make sense.”
Christoper Yahaya a Christian and a father of four noted, “its a waste of time for me. Living peacefully with people of other religions is not done by studying them, instilling good morals in children and making them know that they must treat everyone with love and respect is paramount regardless of tribe or religion.
Linus Akabueze apparently disgusted by the move stated unequivocally, “what is the madness about religious studies? We only pretend to be holy in this country, yet we are the most corrupt people on earth”. He then called for the removal of the two curriculum. He further said, “whoever wants to be religious should go to his/her worship place and let the school teach morals only.”Should the federal government revert the decision or continue with this new curriculum to merge religious studies?
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