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O.J. Simpson Granted Parole

The popular alleged O.j Simpson was granted a parole on Thursday 20, 2017 after he had served 9 years in jail for an alleged attempted robbery he committed in Las Vegas, 2007.

The 70-year-old former football star was sentenced to a 33-year imprisonment after he tried to steal sports memorabilia at gunpoint at a hotel in Las Vegas.

After numerous parole request, a four-man Nevada parole board approved Mr. Simpson’s request for parole and ruling that he could be released any time soon in October, 2017.

Mr. Simpson gave his testimony on a live video stream from Lovelock correctional Center in Nevada.

In his testimony, Mr. Simpson admitted his wrongdoing, however insisted the memorabilia he tried to steal had belonged to him. His daughter, Arnelle, also testified before the parole board, emotionally pleading for her father’s release. one of the sports memorabilia prime dealers Mr. Simpson tried to rob, Bruce Fromong, spoke also before the board and recommended that he be released.

Mr. Fromong said Mr. Simpson didn’t pull a gun at him and he admitted that he did really possess a number of his sports memorabilia. Mr. Simpson’s actions were “misguided,” however he all the same believed he didn’t pose a threat to the public, he added.

After hearing the testimonies, the board granted Mr. Simpson parole. The board said he had complied with jail rules, had no previous criminal convictions.

“I perpetually thought I’ve been pretty good with people,” Mr. Simpson said to the board. “I was always a decent guy, but might have been a better Christian, and my commitment to change is to be a better Christian.”

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