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My Appeal To Nigerians at Home and Abroad

My Appeal To Nigerians at Home and Abroad
By Pastor Amos Dada PhD,P.Eng Chem. Eng

I want to appeal to the Federal Government  to do all they can to develop Nigeria and help the poor Nigerians to breath.
I want to appeal to the militants to stop vandalizing the pipelines. You are hurting yourself and all Nigerians living and unborn. Destroying the goose that lays the eggs cannot be away to develop the Niger Delta. We spent the years of Jonathan administration to battle Boko haram a man made problem, let us not spend the next three years of Buhari administration creating another destructive monster for our nation.
I want to appeal to the herdsmen to stop killing people indiscriminately.
I want to appeal to the judiciary to stop letting go all the corrupt men and women that EFCC has charged to court. The big pen stealers and thieves have to go to jail for them to learn that corruption is a crime and that corruption is the bane of economical woes.
I want to appeal to Nigerians to ‘Say No To Corruption’ in all forms.
I want to appeal to the executive arm of government to administer the nation with the rule of law fairness, use federal character and merit to appoint people to positions, not nepotism, ethnicity and tribalism. Nigeria belongs to all.
I want to appeal to the legislative arm to reduce their jumbo pay and really give Nigeria and Nigerian laws that will help this nation.
I want to appeal to our leaders to lead us by showing good examples. If you have soiled your hands in one way or the other you have lost your moral right to leadership. Help this government to genuinely fight corruption.
I want to appeal to the kidnappers to stop this evil and look for meaningful jobs to do.
I want to appeal to those who are engaged in crime, 419, within and outside the nation to stop it. Let us give value and respect to our green passport.
I want to appeal to the terrorists to stop their mayhem and carnage and wastage of precious lives.
I want to appeal to the Muslim worshipers to appeal to the radicalized ones in their midst to
stop terrorizing the world.
I want to appeal to the ministers of the gospel to teach the church about living out Christian virtue and values. Enough of gospel messages that are not making us live lives of integrity, encouraging corruption, breeding pauperism and encouraging materialism.
I want to appeal to our leaders, the ruling class not to see Nigeria as the cash cow but an opportunity to serve. It is a rare privilege for you out of 170 million to be President, Governor, Minister, Senator, Member of House of Representatives, Member of House of Assembly, Commissioner, LG chairman,  Chairman of Bank and Parastatals, Board Members , MD of Bank, General overseer , Imams , Pastor,  and all the sensitive position you may hold use the God given opportunity to develop our nation.
I want to appeal to all agitators of Balkanization, Separation, and Disintegration of Nigeria to rethink. Our collective strength is our population and unity. We are better as a nation than a fragment of nations.
I want to appeal to all Nigerians wherever we are to support the FG to rebuild the new Nigeria we are waiting for.
I want to appeal to Nigerians to let us stop complaining, grumbling and start thinking of what we can do to make our nation great again. This is the time to think of what we can do to make Nigeria great.
I want to appeal to all of us the leaders and the led, Muslims and Christians, pagans and atheists, youth and adults, private and public sector, academia and businessmen, politicians and farmers, bribe givers and bribe takers, police force, the army, the air force in a nutshell The Armed Forces, the rich and the poor, students and workers – This is our hour of visitation, regeneration, re-envisioning, re-strategizing and rebuilding the decay of our nation, what the bible calls ‘the desolation of many generations’. Let us arise and build our nation.
I want to appeal to us all to not forget our spiritual responsibility as there are many forces out to destroy our nation. Apart from physical activities, we need the power of God to build a new Nigeria. Let us all go on our knees and repent of the ways we have lived our lives and ruined our highly endowed nation – think of human, material and natural resources.
My appeal let us pray for Nigeria!
God will help us again.