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Legendary Nokia 3310 Relaunched


As announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, Nokia is coming back with a bang with the release of three new phones. The company has also decided to re-launch its legendary phone, the Nokia 3310. The estimated price for this phone is $62, and initially it will be sold only in Europe. It was also revealed that with the release of the 3310, the Nokia 6, 5, and 3 models will also be launched.


Specs of Nokia 3310

Certain rumors have been flying around about the specs of the phone. While some of them are actually true, the biggest upgrade is that the Nokia 3310 will have a colored display. It has been redesigned with a bigger screen and thinner body. The display is expected to be larger than the previous 84×84 pixels. Although these specifications are not confirmed, the phone is most likely to have them.


The Operating System

Another question that you must be asking yourself is that what OS will the phone run? Well, even after all these years, the phone will run the same OS it did before and is not going to run Android or any other new OS. In other words, Nokia 3310 will still remain a feature phone and will run the same old ‘snake game’ we all loved.


Say goodbye to the old colors; the new Nokia 3310 will come with additional colors including red, green, and yellow.


Durability and Battery

The Nokia 3310 has gained a lot of fame for its durability and its battery power. The newer version of the phone will be equipped with a hard durable case. However, the question remains if it’d be as durable as it was back then? That is a massive ask that only time can answer. As far as the battery is concerned, due to the slight increase in the display of the phone, its battery won’t be affected much.


Nokia lovers from all over the world are waiting anxiously for the phone as it is expected to launch on the 26th February in Barcelona. Let’s hope that the phone delivers the same quality as it did back in its golden days.