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How to refresh everyday meals

Looking for an easy, go-to ingredient that can enhance snacks and meals? California grapes add a pleasing pop of colour, a tender-crisp bite and a juicy burst of flavour to any dish. Grapes complement many other ingredients, from cheeses to yogurt, salads and grains, to seafood and meats.

Breakfast: When making a breakfast smoothie, toss a handful of whole grapes into the blender along with the other ingredients. The result will be a naturally sweet, colourful and energy-filled smoothie for a healthy start to the day. Or layer yogurt, granola and grapes for a delicious, balanced snack parfait.

Lunch: Liven up lunch by adding grapes to chicken or tuna salad and take a sandwich from ordinary to extraordinary with bright colour and a crispy, juicy contrasting texture. Refresh a takeout salad from the deli with a handful of grapes to make it better too.

Dinner: At dinner, grapes are the perfect side dish and will be devoured in no time. Or spruce up an everyday green salad with grapes for added interest and a boost of nutrition. Roasted grapes also make a delicious topping for center-of-the-plate proteins such as chicken, fish and pork.

Dessert: The delicate sweetness of grapes delivers a healthy, satisfying end to any meal. Create some variety by mixing it up with green, red and black grapes, as each has a unique flavour profile. For added cool, freeze grapes (each one becomes a mini-sorbet).