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Home Maintenance tips

– By Steve Ezeude


“Another flaw in the human character is that everyone wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance” – Anon


With the housing prices in the GTA still rising and getting continually unaffordable for first time buyers and people wanting to move up from the present homes, it does make sense to imbibe a maintenance culture that will keep your home up to date and ensure that all elements are working properly and the entire home looking new and well kept.

The advert ’15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance’ or phrase like ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ may have been heard over and over but not a lot of people take the time to act on the message been portrayed. While a few number of people think it’s worth it to heed the advice, most don’t. Whichever that relates to you, for me it is a call to keep on top of my real estate property especially on issues that require routine attention and maintenance. It could be some cosmetic, tender touch to rejuvenate and keep that home element functioning at its best or at least meet the optimal performance level that it was designed for.

For circumstances beyond my control, I fell into the category of the group of people that do not think it makes sense to totally make a schedule for several items that require regular maintenance. It had to do with my home furnace which I forgot to change its filter when it was due for change. I really didn’t know the consequences, although people do say ‘make sure you change your furnace filter. Not sure if it was my fault for not asking what the consequences would be because I thought should a negative consequences occurs, I have warranty on my home to take care of that. I may not be correct if I am not sure of what the validity period of my warranty is. So, we all should pay attention and be on top of warranty provisions and maintenance schedule.

So, it was that the lack of change of the filter that resulted to the burning of the furnace igniter with a replacement cost $330 plus HST. Besides, the financial cost, the many weeks of inconvenience due to the fact the furnace was not working at it optimum were not taken kindly by my family members. A stitch in time really saves nine.

Attention should be paid to items that need care in the home. Let’s review few items.

  1. Inspect, and possibly change out HVAC filters. Ensure that you change your filters every 2 to 3 months and every month if you have pets or allergies. You can go with the cheap filters but ensure that the filter isn’t dirty.
  2. Clean kitchen sink disposal using vinegar ice cubes. By simply putting vinegar in ice tray, letting it freeze and then running the cubes through the disposal can freshen the sink.
  3. Clean microwave. You can clean your microwave by boiling water in a cup containing lemon slice. Boil water for one minute, leave door closed for 10 minutes  and thereafter, open and wipe off the grime.
  4. Inspect your fire extinguisher. Ensure you have a fire extinguisher and make sure that assess to it is not blocked by anything and maintain as per manufacturer’s recommendation.
  5. Change batteries that power your home appliances.

Now that the Spring cleaning has set in, some useful tips will be of great importance as we get a break from the winter months. Brandan Beeson (a commentator for Art of Manliness) has the following checklist for the Spring season, which is the best month for home maintenance.

  1. Check the exterior drainage, the gutters and get rid of bad spouts. Make sure water doesn’t stay around the walls.
  2. Clean off gutters and make sure no leaves and other sediments from snow are hanging around.
  3. Inspect the exterior of your home. Check for damaged sidings if you have sidings. Check foundations for cracks, use silicone /caulk to fix issues. If cracks are significant, get a professional advise.
  4. Get air condition ready for summer. Refer to user guide for regular maintenance. Call a service professional to have a look.

Keeping you home well maintained is good practice that will not only save you money but will also guarantee piece of mind.



Steve Ezeude is a Realtor with Royal LePage Signature Realty and a Real Estate Investment Syndicator. For questions and/or feedback, please send email to steveezeude@yahoo.ca or call 6478608304. Facebook: @SteveEzeudeHomes