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Give Children A Chance

By Pastor Amos Dada PhD;P.Eng


“But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” 15 And he placed his hands on their heads and blessed them before he left.”Matt 19:14-15

Three things happened in this passage. Jesus rebuked those who are preventing children from coming to him. Secondly, he taught us another kingdom principle, “for the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like these children” and thirdly,he laid hands on them and blessed them.

This month God has told us to avoid distractions. My question to you this morning is what are you doing to distract/prevent children, youth, adults from coming to the Master- the Lord Jesus Christ.
Some get to positions of authority, they change moral biblical principles to immoral principles. They remove anything about God, prayers and biblical principles from public schools. Some tell you they have ‘evolved’ in their thinking and so they permit and use their position to encourage ungodly gender lifestyles.


Some get to positions and misappropriate funds made to feed children, funds meant to give them proper education.Funds meant to take care of orphans are used to buy exotic cars and private jets. Funds meant to take care of refugees and internally displaced children,funds meant to rescue kidnapped children are used to build sprawling mansions. Some hide money in bunkers and tankers and use this money to prevent justice . What are you doing to offend God and humanity.
Yesterday, in Toronto, a middle aged man killed his step son. Stories abound of incest and sexual abuse of children. Stories abound of human trafficking not just in small villages but on a global level. What are you doing to hurt children and their future.
Mothers, what training her you giving your children by your ungodly lifestyles?I see mothers who are into prostitution.  I see fathers raping their children. I see mothers and fathers in our time not just watching pornography but  engaging in making pornography. Ha!
I see many parents who are tattoo crazy. I see many who are drunkards. I see many who live on proceeds of corruption and consequent curses and use such money to send those children to expensive schools and lavish them with expensive cars and wanton luxury living. I see parents ‘helping’ their children to cheat in exams to secure admission or secure jobs. What are you doing to prevent children from coming to Jesus?
We are in an age particularly in Canada and the Western world where we are too busy, we have no time to take children to Sunday School or to attend church services. We have time to take them for all manner of sporting events and weekend parties but no time to introduce them to the Lord Jesus at a tender age.
Do you know you are preventing children from coming to the Master when you abuse them , physically leaving them with broken bones and bruises. Do you know that ignoring children’s needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous  situations, or making child feel worthless or stupid this is also child abuse . This is emotional abuse of children.
Friend, Jesus warns you! Stop it. Stop abusing children. Stop preventing them from learning about me. Stop preventing them from learning about virtue because nature has no vacuum, when they are not learning virtue they are learning vices.
Before you think Pastor Dada is writing about or to unbelievers,  let me remind you that Jesus was talking to his disciples , in our own time Christians!

The second thing Jesus focused on was that the Kingdom belongs to those who are chidlike in faith. Children are inquisitive, they do not want only to learn, they learn quickly. Take time to teach them virtue. Prepare them for a godly lifestyle in future, to be a better spouse, a better citizen, a better politician, a better professor,  governor, president, school , teacher,administrator, prepare them to be good leaders.  Teach them principles that will help boys become men that treat ladies and their wive’s with dignity and respect.  Teach them so that girls become mothers to be genuine home keepers and home builders. We are tired of frivolous and baseless divorces. If you care to know divorce has more impact on children than you can imagine. The man or the woman can go and remarry, but leave the children to parental imbalance and step parents who are steps to nothing but abuse.
What is the point of all the time, energy and resources you spend on your children and they grow up not knowing God?
Thirdly, Jesus laid hands on them and blessed them. You want these children to prosper?Let Jesus supervise them. Let him guide them through is word. Let him lay hands on them. Jesus laying hands on the children is about transfer of power, anointing and virtue.This he wants to do through  you as parents.
My appeal let us give our children a chance for a better life with the Master.
We shall see our children on top.
Jesus is Lord.