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Gone are the days, when men grapple on any food they lay their hands on. Gone are the days when the proof of your wealth is the volume of the foods you eat. There was once a time which when a new variety of food is developed, a feel of satisfaction is vested in the eating of such foods.

During the early 20th century, diseases related to food consumption started gaining ground. As the revolutionary age began to expand, industrialization expanded exponentially, new food products were developed thereby leading to the developmet of diseases ranging from Coronary Heart Diseases such as anthosclerosis, Type 1, 2, 3 diabetes to diseases related to  abnormal cell growth such as tumurs and cancer.

Information as concerning the kind of foods to be eaten have been developed overtime. The most recent of all being “functional foods and Nutraceuticals” why battle with diseases when foods that are rich in additional nutritional functions related to health is being developed?

Have you heard of foods low in Glycemic index? These are foods low in glucose sugars which when released into the blood stream helps to control the glucose level.

What of Probiotic Foods? These are foods rich in live microorganisms especially the Lactic Acid Bacteria which when ingested helps to balance microbial populations in the gut, stomach and the gastrointestinal tracts thereby preventing and control internal ailment such as infant diarrhea, colon and intestinal cancer, liver cirrhosis etc. probiotics are widely available in dairy products but latest researches in food biotechnology is aimed towards the utilization of plant product such as citrus juice, pineapple juice, cocoa pulp, etc. in the production of probiotic juice.

Would you rather eat anyhow or be well informed of foods aimed at promoting your health?

Eat functional foods today, stay healthy for many more decades.


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