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Feminism among Africans; navigating two evil pathways

Written by Olumide Oyekunle

The society no doubt has failed the female folk, with so much glass ceiling at workplace, income inequality, abuses and violent conducts. We have produced men with machismo vibes, arrogant, proud and boastful, boys with little or no kitchen knowledge and disrespectful. They grow up becoming who they were nurtured to be, some inevitably becoming beaters of women and filled with ego. It is true that the Feminists’ appeal at seeking for a fair, just and balanced society by addressing issues that affect the female folk is worthy and essential for progress. However, in exercising the rights of women to protest and gain more relevance, thereby boosting their economic and social status, how cautious or loose can we be, especially as Africans under the subsuming influence of Western, liberal culture?

Historically, it is well documented that efforts at changing an existing status quo will lead to both positive and negative consequences. There is no perfect social system in space or time. Revolutions, whether spontaneous or gradual can lead to progress and the desired change, but will also become a catalyst for toppling social balance and traditional institutions, which, have their own functions in the society. Considering the fact that the family system is an essential part of African culture, which is maintained through procreation, the provision of psychological support and so on, Feminism in all its forms is simply not doing enough to protect the institution of the family. So, what are the consequences of this ideology?

Proponents of Feminist ideologies have created what is now called Alpha women, haters of men and often base their prejudiced feelings against marriage from experience or the experience of others. Just as we have men without discipline, we are producing women without patience, unforgiving and intolerant. At the slightest provocation, given that divorce is easier and profitable, they are willing to call it quit. Feminism have given limited options for addressing issues and has not provided alternatives to personality defects from both sexes during the socialization process. The society invariably produces men that are getting married and the woman willing to do so. This is not to say that staying in an abusive relationship is wise, on the contrary, continued stay in such will be tantamount to suicide.

Consequently, Single parenting will flourish rather than the nuclear family of opposite sexes raising children. It creates many more baby fathers and baby mamas, individuals then seek other alternatives to expressing their sexuality through the use of sex toys, engaging in casual sex, masturbation, bestiality. Although, separation and divorce is most likely going to result in economic freedom, we are bidding farewell to what gave us our identity, running away from its imperfections to cling to the imperfection of the new found ‘love’; Feminism, declaring with fury that “marriage is not necessary”, “to hell with marriage” and often trying to transfer such notion to coming generations.

We should stop breeding violent men if we aim to get rid of their flaws later in life and also stop breeding the overtly proud and alpha young girls who may never be able to maintain a lifelong marital relationship. Hence, the need for conservative feminism in its progressive form.