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Did you know almost all electrical work requires a permit?

(NC) If you’re planning a home reno this fall, remember that a building permit doesn’t always allow you to perform electrical work. Electrical fires are actually the number one cause of house fires in Canada, so before you tinker with your home’s wiring take some steps to protect you and your family.

Start by checking if a permit is required, and make sure all electrical installations, renovations and alterations are inspected to ensure they comply with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

Electrical inspections can also help prevent electrical fires. This applies to private homes, offices, industrial buildings and income properties.

Here are some projects it’s a good idea to seek a professional hand in completing:

  • Installation of outlets, switches, lighting fixtures, baseboard heaters, smoke detectors (excluding battery-operated types), exhaust fans, etc.
  • Installation of new equipment such as heat pumps, water heaters, air conditioning, swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, etc.
  • Electrical service upgrades or changes.
  • New homes, additions, or renovations.

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