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Crow attacks force Canada Post to suspend mail delivery

Crow attacks force Canada Post to suspend mail delivery

Canada Post has suspended delivery of mail to three addresses in East Vancouver after a well-known neighborhood crow attacked one of their mail carriers. They will only resume when it’s safe.

The famous crow, known as “Canuck the crow” repeatedly attacked the mail carrier and on one occasion, even left him bleeding. As a result, this neighborhood has not received mail for more than a month.

Phil Legault; the Canada Post spokesperson, has released a statement saying that they were forced to suspend mail delivery since they value the safety of their employees.

“When an employee has an issue like this, it is our duty as a good employer to respond accordingly.”

Phil added that they were monitoring the situation in the area and they would get back to their normal routine as soon they are certain of their employees’ safety. The company has sent letters the affected residents redirecting them to another place to pick up their mail.

Unsuccessful negotiations

Shawn Bergman; a resident of the area, is the only person who gets along with Canuck. However, he has said that he cannot control what the bird chooses to do.

Bergman’s friendship with the crow has resulted in a popular Facebook page that boasts not less than 57,000 likes.

Bergman has suggested that the carrier should park farther down the street, adjust delivery times and use an umbrella as a shield.

However, Canada Post wouldn’t here any of that. The company last communicated with him a month ago.

Canada Post sent an email addressed to Bergman, stating that it would only resume delivery in the neighborhood when the “hazard was not existent.”

Bergman described the response as “corporate and very cold.”

Bergman said that his neighbors have been threatening him and one of them even asked the Canada Post to get rid of the bird.

‘Uncalled for response’

According to Wayne Goodey; a lecturer in UBC’s department of zoology, mail carriers should not feel threatened by crows.

The expert in bird behavior says that the attack was just an “over-the-top response.”

According to Goodey, crows swoop down on any intruder during their breeding season in early spring since they are usually highly defensive. However, they normally don’t peck and injure human beings.

“The birds will not wrestle. The mail carrier only has to wear his hat and there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Canuck the notorious

In recent years, Canuck has gained notoriety for having some curious behavior.

He became a local personality in 2015 after he was spotted riding the SkyTrain. He followed this up by stealing a knife from a crime scene in 2016.

According to Goodey, crows are wild animals and hence not as communicative as dogs or cats — even if they’re in an urban setting or they are habituated to people.

Bergman is still supporting his companion although he is under pressure from Canada Post and his neighbors. He says that he just wants to see which approach they will take when delivering the mail next time.

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