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  Circa: for time zones Circa is for those moments when you’ve travelled so much you no longer know what time it is. The simple app helps you keep track of the time across multiple locations, making it easier to plan connections with friends, family or colleagues around the world. It also has a simple, soothing design and colour palate ...

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When Royalty Embraces Progress – Still on Ooni’s Visit to Canada @150

Olumide Julius Oyekunle

Traditional rulers in Africa are no doubt an embodiment of grace personified. They never walk alone like the slogan of the popular English Premier League side and of course, their roles as the custodian of culture gives them a social status that enables them to flaunt regalia and decorate themselves with women as if they were commodities. In the 21st ...

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Dialog on North Korea is over – US


The time for talk on North Korea is “over”, the u. s. said, spurning a world organisation response to Pyongyang’s latest ballistic missile launch in favour of bomber flights and missile implements of war tests. Nikki Haley, the United States envoy to the United Nations, same there was “no point” in holding a vain emergency Security Council session, warning that ...

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Prince Philip of Britain – set to retire

prince philip

Prince Philip, the 96-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, will retire in the week, conducting the last of quite twenty two,200 solo public engagements, the palace said Monday. The Duke of Edinburgh, WHO served as a military officer throughout warfare II, can attend a parade of Royal Marines at castle on Wednesday. he’s captain general of the commando force. “This ...

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Canada @ 150 – The argument for a seat at the UN Security Council

canada@ 50

Canada’s milestone anniversary as it clocks 150 is not only a landmark achievement but also significant. Beyond the democratic ideals which promote freedom to attain the summit of happiness and prosperity, the country is also the melting pot for cross-cultural connection. The country boasts of not less than 200 different nationalities as it provides a safe haven for thousands seeking ...

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Israel to demolish European-funded homes in occupied Jerusalem


By N.Ugoh The Israeli occupation authorities have ordered the demolition of six Palestinian residential buildings funded by European parties in Jabal Al-Baba Bedouin community in the east of the occupied Jerusalem. The spokesman of the Bedouin community, Atallah Muzar’a, told Quds Press recently that the Israeli civil administration crews, accompanied by military troops, stormed the area and handed six administrative ...

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EU raises concern over new Russia sanctions

russia trump

Brussels has expressed deep concern over the implications of new sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea, especially as it affects the flow of energy from Russia to Europe. Officials of the European Commission has stated that they were ready to defend the interest of the EU if they were not addressed by the US. Lawmakers in the lower legislative ...

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Britain and Mexico to take Brexit trade deal


Fox announced britain had launched a casual working group with Latin America’s second-largest economy seeking to “ensure all the preferential arrangements that the united kingdom presently enjoys with mexico stay in place.” Britain is walking a delicate line as Brexit talks inch forward in Bruxelles. It will be ousted from all EU trade deals once it leaves the bloc on ...

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France faced with wildfires, causes mass evacuation

France wildfires

Wildfires in south-eastern France, 10,000 individuals affected. France asked its EU neighbours for additional help fighting the wildfires attack after many firefighters have been deployed to battle the fires close to Bormes-les-Mimosas, within the country’s Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Some 4,000 hectares (15.4 sq miles) of land have burned on the Mediterranean coast, in the mountainous interior and on the island ...

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Transgender people ‘can’t serve’ in US military – Trump


President Donald Trump says transgender people cannot serve in the military. He famously twitted that he had consulted with military specialists and foresaw “tremendous medical costs and disruption”. The Obama administration last year allowed transgender people to serve openly in the military. Later in June, the Defence Secretary James Mattis agreed to a six-month delay in the recruitment of transgender ...

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Coca-Cola records fall in revenue profits as it expands healthier low-sugar, non-carbonated drinks.

coca cola

The multi-billionaire company, Coca-Cola has recently seen profits drop sharply as a result of sales of bottling facilities as it moved to expand new offerings of low-sugar and non-carbonated beverages amid flagging demand for sweet sodas, the company said on Wednesday. Net income for the United States soft drinks big plunged 60 % in the second quarter to $1.4 billion, ...

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Vatican treasurer faces sexual assault charges

cardinal George Pell

Cardinal George Pell, one amongst the most senior figures in the Vatican will appear in the dock at Melbourne Magistrates Court for his first hearing since the charges were created by Victoria Police against him last month. The 76-year-old, who has strongly denied the charges, has been given an absence leave from his role at the Vatican as Secretariat for ...

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Linkin Park singer, Bennington dies by suicide

linkin park

Chester Bennington, the front man singer of the chart-topping hard rock band Linkin Park, found dead in his residence on Thursday, July 20. it was reported that he died in a clear suicide at the age of forty one. The Los Angeles authorities were alerted at about after 9:00 am in the morning  at his residence and it’s being handled as ...

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Planet Earth will soon become a ‘Plastic Planet ‘- Over population of polymer

Plastic population

Planet Earth will soon become a ‘Plastic Planet ‘- Over population of polymer The total amount of plastics ever produced has been calculated to be about 8.3 billion tonnes. The great issue is that plastic items, like packaging, storing, and preserving tend to be used for very short periods before being discarded. The larger percentage of its production is now ...

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South African court rules against single-religion schools

South Africa

By Robert Njeru The Johannesburg High Court has passed a ruling outlawing single-religion schools in South Africa. This means that it is now illegal for public schools to promote any one religion at the exclusion of others. This ruling has drawn mixed reactions from various circles. According to the High Court, promotion of any particular religion at schools is bound ...

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Ransomware attack causes turmoil across the Globes

Ransomware attack causes turmoil across the Globe

By Robert Njeru There has been a major ransomware cyber-attack that has been targeting various companies across the globe. British advertising agency WPP has reported that its IT systems have been disrupted by the ransomware. The Windows-based sensors of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant have shut down, forcing the plant to monitor radiation levels manually. Ukrainian firms like Kiev’s main ...

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Britain releases confessions of its youngest double murderers

Britain releases confessions of its youngest double murderers

By Robert Njeru Judges in Britain recently allowed two teenage murderers to be identified and their shocking confessions to be released to the public. They are believed to be the nation’s two youngest double murderers. According to The Sun, Lucas Markham, 15, and his 15-year-old girlfriend Kim Edwards, murdered Kim’s mother and sister, Elizabeth and Katie Edwards, while they were ...

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Ousted South Korean President Supposedly Signed off on a Deal to get rid of Kim Jong Un


By Robert Njeru South Korea’s former president Park Geun-hye supposedly signed off a plan to get rid of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un using all available options, including assassination and exile. According to a recent report by the Asahi Shimbun, a famous Japanese newspaper, an inside source revealed that Park Geun-hye approved a plan for “leadership change” in North Korea. ...

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