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22 Surprising Uses for Turmeric


One of the most fetching culinary spices, turmeric has an intense golden hue. The major ingredient in Indian curries, turmeric is the component responsible for curry’s dizzying color; it’s also commonly used to imbue mustard with its radiant glow.   We’re commonly reminded to eat colorful plant foods because their pigments, which are associated with antioxidants – the wonder nutrients ...

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Watch for signs of oral cancer

oral cancer

(NC)—Dental hygienists say that we can all play an active role in reducing the risks of developing oral cancer. Our own actions can improve treatment outcomes through early detection and lifestyle choices. Oral cancer is the 13th most common type of cancer in Canada. Researchers tell us that in 2013, an estimated 4,100 people in this country were diagnosed with ...

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Colour of urine can tell a lot about health – or what you’ve been ingesting


By Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press  TORONTO – It’s something we all get rid of several times a day — and sometimes in the middle of the night — but it’s not exactly a topic of everyday or, let’s face it, polite conversation.   Still, urine, pee — call it what you will — can tell a lot about a ...

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5 things everyone should know about GMO food labels


(NC) Canadian food products are increasingly decked out in a multitude of food labels about everything from allergens and fat to genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. It’s all meant to help consumers make healthy eating choices, but too much information can be overwhelming — especially about a topic like GMOs, where there are a lot of questions. Here’s what you ...

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Which vaccines do you need as an adult?

Vaccine in vial with syringe. Vaccination concept.  3d

(NC) Did you know that some of the vaccines you received when you were young won’t protect you forever? While you may know of a handful of vaccinations that are needed in adulthood, there are some that you probably didn’t know require additional doses. “When you get vaccinated against a disease, you build up your im munity, making you stronger ...

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Tips to take charge of your finances and live within your means


(NC) Are you stressed about money? Being in control of your spending is one way of reducing stress in your life. According to Statistics Canada, most of us are burdened with high levels of household debt. Simply put, too many people are spending more than they earn. They are saving less and not saving enough for retirement. At the same ...

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5 Types of Headaches You Should Be Aware Of

Woman having a migraine, isolated on white background, monochrome photo with red as a symbol for the hardening

Dr. Kristie   A headache is a headache — or is it? There are actually five main types of headaches, each with their own unique symptoms and characteristics. Headaches can be a symptom of a more serious brain problem or an illness, so it’s important to know what type of a headache you have. Here are the five most common ...

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Turn to tech for time and cost-saving strategies


(NC) Whether you commute to an office, run your own business, or occasionally work from home, today’s tech solutions can help improve your work-life balance and smooth out your daily tasks. Turning to tech is also one way to cut costs and increase profit margins, while at the same time improving your operations. Enterprise organizations often call this digital transformation, ...

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6 ways volunteering can help you find work

Workplace Professionals

(NC) Even though looking for work can be time-consuming, consider volunteering to help with your job hunt. It’s a great way to gain skills and experience for the job market. It also allows you to try out new things, network with people and have fun. Here are 6 ways volunteering can help when looking for work: It gets you out ...

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3 success tips for small business owners

business document

(NC) Being an entrepreneur means that you’ll often figure things out as you go along, without guidance or an established structure to help you navigate. Though it is one of the most exhilarating aspects of the job, it can also be daunting, especially when you’re first starting out. Dan Kelly, CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, offers his ...

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A parent’s guide to cyberbullying


(NC) With a new school year in full swing, it’s a good idea for parents to stay vigilant against online problems kids can face. Cyberbullying is one concern many parents have, and with good reason — it’s becoming a more common and threatening event. “There’s an increased danger for rapid escalation of cyberbullying, with participants and their victims growing exponentially,” ...

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Spender versus saver: How to reach financial bliss


(NC) When it comes to romantic relationships, the traditional thought is that opposites attract. But personal finance experts say that couples with different attitudes towards money need to find a middle ground to achieve financial bliss. “Many couples include a spender and a saver. The spender is the one who sees a sale and thinks they can buy more; whereas ...

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4 Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea


Do you enjoy sipping a hot, steaming cup of jasmine green tea? When you sip tea made from the leaves of this herbal flowering plant, you’re doing more than pleasing your taste buds. It seems the leaves from this flower have benefits that go beyond their pleasant aroma and sweet taste. What are the health benefits of jasmine tea?   ...

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Did you know almost all electrical work requires a permit?

electrical spark

(NC) If you’re planning a home reno this fall, remember that a building permit doesn’t always allow you to perform electrical work. Electrical fires are actually the number one cause of house fires in Canada, so before you tinker with your home’s wiring take some steps to protect you and your family. Start by checking if a permit is required, ...

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Five ways to maximise your mobile data usage


Detailed analysis of mobile data usage suggests that connectivity rates remain comparatively pricey in Nigeria. Mobile Internet use has been on the rise and has been predicted to account for 26 per cent of global media consumption in 2019, according to a report by Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts 2017. According to the Research and Development Unit of Yudala, data has ...

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Canadian consumers demanding more mobile options


(NC) In an always-on world, we increasingly want more choices, including the flexibility to use our favourite products and services on whatever device we’re on — from our smartphones to tablets. New research makes it clear that the shift that is transforming the buying habits of Canadians. Their preferences for interacting with businesses mean that it’s critically important for small ...

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The ABCs of keeping your data safe


(NC) In today’s digital age, you are likely storing data that includes sensitive, personal information. Whether you simply use the internet to shop online or run a small business, you’re likely sharing or storing very valuable information and you may not even know it. This data can contain sensitive information that, if compromised, can have widespread implications. Therefore, it’s important ...

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Simple tips for keeping your energy costs low

energy cost

(NC) Saving energy doesn’t have to be hard, and can go a long way towards making sure you meet your family’s monthly budget. Here are five simple tips from Hydro One to help keep your electricity costs low: LED bulbs combined with dimmers, timers and sensors give you more control over your energy use. Electronics use energy even when off. ...

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