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Up Nigeria!


The above phrase, I borrowed from my Alma Mater secondary school, the Government College, Umuahia (‘Up Umuahia’)!  This is a metaphor and a mark of excellence in all endeavorseavours.  It is a great emotion born from upbeat that I feel towards the present administration.  Nigerians are witnessing a kind of revival and a sense that we as country are moving in the right ...

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By Akadu As an African, I am concerned about the ripple effect the collapse of Moammar Gadhafi regime could have in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Same mistake USA made in Iraq is being made by NATO and its allies in Libya.  By this I mean, that what began as a “Humanitarian Intervention” quickly turned into “Regime Change Intervention”. Gadhafi has ruled Libya by ‘cult-of-personality’ for four decades, and ...

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By Akadu This article is simply to disclose rather than to judge, the great challenges that illegal immigration pose to Nigeria.  It is necessary to highlight some practical ways to address those challenges.  It is time to begin overdue debate on a rational Immigration Policy for Nigeria.  It has such neighbours, Niger and Chad, to the Northern border.   This very border is as porous as spaghetti ...

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By: Akadu The name ‘Congo’ conjures the image of profound and serious systemic challenges, such as, political discontent; moral muddle; a swamp of corruption; an image of genetic defect in democracy since independence from Belgium!  And sadly, grinding poverty, despite its vast wealth in natural resources!! The unrest is resource-driven.  Consequently, it has become a real ‘International Migraine’.  It has outlasted ...

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BOKO HARAM – Problem From Hell


As a Nigerian, to caste vote in support of General Buhari, the former President of Military Government, will amount to supporting same failed former past President in the coming February 14th Presidential election.  He has had the opportunity and, time has moved forward for someone other-than-Buhari to be President.  And that someone is the current President; His Excellency, Goodluck Jonathan. ...

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