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How Ottawa Can Start an Innovation Revolution in Canada


“Government is a big buyer with many complex challenges. Entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to these problems should have a shot at solving them, don’t you think?” This question was asked this fall by federal Minister of Small Business and Tourism Bardish Chagger in a speech she gave to celebrate Small Business Week in Ottawa. But can the government actually do ...

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What to expect from tech in 2017: TVs held hostage, personalized healthcare and more


Technology runs the world — and 2016 was the year that showed it’s full potential. The gadgets and the internet were at the centre of numerous year’s biggest stories, most notably the U.S. presidential election. From Facebook’s alleged fake news issue and accusations that Russian hackers have targeted the U.S. presidential election, technology was at the top of America’s political ...

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Boko Haram No Longer Has Stronghold in Nigeria


Nigeria’s army has captured a key Boko Haram camp that was the Islamist militant group’s last enclave in its northeastern Sambisa forest stronghold, President Muhammadu Buhari said recently. Buhari said, “the terrorists are on the run and no longer have a place to hide. Nigerian military has been carrying out a large-scale offensive sweep in the Sambisa forest during the ...

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Get a grip on winter driving with proper tire maintenance


(NC) As soon as the temperature drops to 7°C, many non-winter tires begin to lose traction and grip. Winter tires are typically made with a different rubber compound than all-season and summer tires, allowing them to remain softer during cold weather. This provides the flexibility that ultimately leads to excellent handling and traction even in the absence of snow or ...

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Prepare Your Car for the Winter with This Checklist


(NC) Getting your car winter-ready at the beginning of the season will keep your family safer when temperatures drop and means you’ll have one less thing to worry about when a storm hits. Here are the areas you should focus on, with expert advice everyone can understand. Lights. Ensure all your exterior lights and signals are working, which are even ...

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Why You Need to Rust-proof Your Car Now


(NC) Between holiday parties and New Year’s resolutions, it can be easy to forget the care and maintenance of everyday things, like your car. Here are five reasons why, just like an oil change, rust-protection is part of regular car care that you shouldn’t forget amid the hustle and bustle. Longer vehicle life. The average person will buy 10 to ...

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