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Home Maintenance tips


– By Steve Ezeude   “Another flaw in the human character is that everyone wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance” – Anon   With the housing prices in the GTA still rising and getting continually unaffordable for first time buyers and people wanting to move up from the present homes, it does make sense to imbibe a ...

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By: Steve Ezeude “How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen   Most investments, real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, forex, mutual funds, etcetera have displayed some graphical peaks and valleys. With the volatility of stocks, one tends to be fearfully geared towards alternative ways of ...

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Electrical basics for your home renovation


(NC) Did you know that not all electrical outlets are made equal? If not installed correctly or used for the right purpose, this common power source can have shocking results. Whether you’re planning a renovation, adding a new chandelier or adding another outlet in the playroom, it’s important to work with a Licensed Electrical Contractor. This will ensure that your ...

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Lower electricity bills with these 7 tips


(NC) As the days get shorter, lights are turned on earlier and home electricity bills can start to creep up. Lighting accounts for an average of five per cent of an average home’s electricity consumption, but by following these easy tips from Hydro One you can keep your costs down. Place floor or table lamps in the corner of the ...

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5 tips for creating the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams


(NC) Your bedroom is your oasis — a place to relax, recharge and retreat from the world. It’s also where you probably spend the most time between sleeping, getting dressed and lounging in bed with a great book or show. And with the cooler months coming up, you’re bound to spend even more time inside, so create the bedroom sanctuary ...

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When do I need to change my furnace?

(NC) Is your furnace trying to tell you something? If your unit is more than 10 years old, it could be costing you both comfort and energy. Consider upgrading to a new energy-efficient furnace if your system is more than 10 years old, it’s unusually noisy, your home’s air is too dry or dusty, you need major parts replaced, or ...

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5 Key Tips for Preventing House Fire on Holidays

(NC) On average, a Canadian home burns every 55 seconds.  The risk of fire is especially heightened during the holiday season, when cooking and the use of electrical equipment are at their peak. Stay safe throughout the holidays and always by incorporating these key safety tips: Preparation is key. Make sure your home is equipped with fire-detecting devices and alarms, as ...

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Tenant Insurance 101 – All You Need to Know

(NC) There are two kinds of renters in Canada – those who have tenants insurance and those who don’t. According to a recent study conducted by Substance Strategies, more than half (53 per cent) of tenants in Canada are the kind that go uninsured. So what is causing this risk-taking phenomenon? It seems to be a lack of awareness. Below ...

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