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Wine preservation

Wine pixs 1

By Princewill You may not have to gulp down you entire bottle of wine just because you think it could not be preserved. A bottle of wine once opened begins to interact with air which makes it breath and allows the aroma to come out, however, with time air begins to affect it negatively, this is why the Connoisseur says ...

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Afang soup serve with pounded yam or eba

Afang soup

By Chinelo Nwagbo Afang Soup, like the Edikang Ikong soup, is native to the Efiks, people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states of Nigeria, but is enjoyed by many Nigerians. It is highly nutritious soup as it consists mainly of vegetables. It has pounded yam or eba or cassava fufu as its base and is accompanied by a variety ...

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Top 3 breakfast of champions ideas

Herbs and spices with mortar and bottle with oil

(NC) If you’ve told your kids once, you’ve told them a million times, “eat your breakfast — it’s the most important meal of the day!” Studies show that kids who skip breakfast are often tired and irritable by late morning, which can lead to aggressive behaviour or getting into trouble. But what exactly should your little ones be eating to ...

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5 Reasons To Add Watercress To Your Next Salad


Dr. Kristie Green, leafy vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants – and you need antioxidants to protect your cells against the oxidative damage they’re exposed to every day. When cells take a beating, it pays to give them a little extra antioxidant reinforcement by adding more green, leafy veggies to your diet. When most people make a salad, they ...

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By Princewill Prevents premature aging Welcome to Espinardo (MURCIA) in Spain, where my bosom friend bottles one of best Spanish traditional table wine “BARON SERIES.” BARON SERIES is a very popular traditional red wine served after each great meal lunch and dinner; a great meal is never complete in Spain until this choice traditional red wine is served hence “VINOS DE MESA” ...

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Healthy eating – Efo riro special served with eba or pounded yam


By Chinelo Nwagbo Efo riro special served with eba or pounded yam Healthy living is about making healthy choices every day that keeps one physically, mentally and spiritually fit. Any illness can be traced to be caused by poor nutritional intake (not consuming nutritious and balanced diet), environmental or genetic. Only a few people are aware of the effect of ...

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3 Fabulous Party Foods


by J.M. Rock With the holidays right around the corner, the likelihood of you having to throw a party or attend a party is probably pretty high. Here are three great party foods that are easy to prepare, relatively cheap to make and will be enjoyed by everyone. Sausage Balls Sausage balls are and all time favorite party food. They ...

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