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African Union (Pictures)


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Toronto International Film Festival (PICTURES)

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9 Health Rights You Have as a Patient


(NC) Anyone seeing a regulated healthcare professional in Ontario can count on safety, competency, and ethics. These rights are upheld by the bodies that regulate over 300,000 health care professionals. These 26 colleges hold professionals accountable for their conduct and practice. “The colleges help people understand their rights as patients,” explains Shenda Tanchak, president of the Federation of Health Regulatory ...

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Why You Need Enough Calcium?


(NC) In Canada, one in three women and one in five men will break a bone because of osteoporosis. Despite these statistics, many of us have misconceptions about the disease, which is characterized by bone loss and leads to bone fragility and fractures. According to Dr. Famida Jiwa, president of Osteoporosis Canada, each year 30,000 Canadians suffer hip fractures, with ...

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5 Skills to Advance Your Career

(NC) Today’s continuously developing professional landscape has employees taking on increased responsibility and feeling more stressed than ever. Our everyday attention is focused on simply crossing tasks off of our seemingly never-ending to-do list, leaving less time to focus on long-term projects, career advancement and development.You don’t have to make a major time commitment to implement lasting changes that will ...

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