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How to keep kids safe from electrical hazards

electrical spark

As warmer days draw families outside, make it a priority to talk to your children about playing safe and staying away from electrical safety hazards. Here are some safety tips from Hydro One: Make sure kids understand that they need to obey warning signs and keep away from outdoor areas marked “Danger” or “Danger High Voltage.” No one should ever ...

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Five Key Takeaways From Texas’ New Laws On Carrying Knives


By S.Ratko State law defines an illegal knife as a knife with a blade longer than 5½ inches, a hand instrument designed to cut or stab by being thrown, a dagger, a Bowie knife, a sword or a spear. But Gov. Greg Abbott signed HB 1935 into law recently, changing the term “illegal knife” to “location-restricted knife.” Changes will take ...

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Canada – Quebec to give abortion pill for free by end of 2017

                Thursday, 6th of July, Quebec Health Minister Gaétan barrette declared that ”the abortion pill are going to be available to Quebec residents for free by the end of autumn 2017”. “The government of Quebec has always been supportive towards the right of ladies to choose, significantly with regard to abortion,” said barrette. ...

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Dealing with your child’s bad attitude towards your wife

Dealing with your child’s bad attitude towards your wife

  By: Pastor Taiwo Iredele Odubiyi www.pastortaiwoodubiyi.org   Bola decided to talk. “It’s just that I’m wondering why you didn’t love Mommy.” Femi was surprised. “Mommy? Do you mean your mother?” “Yes.” “I loved her. Why should you think I didn’t love her?” As he talked, he silently asked God for wisdom to handle her. “No, you did not.” Bola ...

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New Xbox One X is stronger than ever


By S.Ratko Microsoft recently announced the next version of its Xbox line of gaming consoles, ahead of E3 2017, now ongoing in Los Angeles. The new Xbox One X, which goes on sale Nov. 7 for US$499, is slimmer than previous models and packed with power. With a 6-teraflop Scorpio engine, the One X has 40 percent faster graphics performance ...

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Gone are the days, when men grapple on any food they lay their hands on. Gone are the days when the proof of your wealth is the volume of the foods you eat. There was once a time which when a new variety of food is developed, a feel of satisfaction is vested in the eating of such foods. During ...

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5 things your car could be telling you this spring

Mechachic checking on a car

(NC) Those new “shake, rattle and roll” noises coming from your vehicle are important sounds to pay attention to after a long winter and one too many potholes. “It’s always worth having a technician check out your vehicle. The problems may be minor, but if you ignore what your car is telling you it could create major concerns down the ...

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3 things to do after graduation when you can’t find a job


(NC) So you’ve spent the last four years of your life at university. You’ve dedicated your time in equal portions to studying in the library and making lifelong friends. You’ve had the best time of your life and are ready to walk out those ivy-covered walls with your diploma in hand. Unfortunately, graduating university in the 21st century no longer ...

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Feminism among Africans; navigating two evil pathways


Written by Olumide Oyekunle juliusolumide@yahoo.co.uk The society no doubt has failed the female folk, with so much glass ceiling at workplace, income inequality, abuses and violent conducts. We have produced men with machismo vibes, arrogant, proud and boastful, boys with little or no kitchen knowledge and disrespectful. They grow up becoming who they were nurtured to be, some inevitably becoming ...

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The most exciting new gadgets launching in 2017


The year is nearly over, as far as the tech world is concerned. Just about every major product that’s been announced is available to buy in time for the holidays. But 2017 is almost here, and we’re expecting a bunch of cool new products. Below you’ll find the most valuable gadgets likely to launch next year. Keep in mind this ...

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