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4 oral health myths debunked


(NC) Dental hygienists are primary healthcare providers who teach Canadians how to maintain healthy teeth and gums on a daily basis. Here they offer some advice on how to achieve a mega-watt smile. 1. If my teeth look great and don’t hurt, then they are healthy. FALSE. Regular dental hygiene care is important for the early detection of cavities and ...

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Take 5 simple steps to improve your oral health


(NC) Dental hygienists want us all to commit to a good daily oral hygiene routine because they know that oral health is essential to overall health and well-being. As our partners in disease prevention, they tell us that taking care of our mouth can be done in five easy steps: 1. Brush teeth at least twice a day with fluoride ...

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Do You Need A Tetanus Vaccine Booster?

tetanus shot

By Dr. Kristie Are you overdue for your tetanus vaccine booster? With a busy family and career life, you may not have given this much thought. If this is the case, now might be a good time to look back through your records and see when you had your last tetanus booster shot.   What is tetanus and why is ...

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What Are the Best Sources of Thiamin?


Vitamins are nutrients your body needs to carry out reactions that are essential for life but can’t make in sufficient amounts. To avoid a vitamin deficiency, you need to get adequate amounts of vitamins from dietary sources, preferably from unprocessed foods. Water-soluble vitamins need to be replaced frequently since they aren’t stored well by the body. Such is the case ...

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Tips for Keeping Long Hair Healthy


Healthy, long hair is beautiful to look at and touch but caring for it can be a challenge. Long hair is prone towards split ends and breakage, especially if you color, perm, or straighten it. If you don’t care for it properly, you can end up with hair that’s frazzled and damaged beyond repair. Don’t let that happen to your ...

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Tips for Dealing with Splitting Cuticles


Healthy, nicely groomed fingernails say something about a person. They show attention to detail. Besides, who wants to deal with the headache of dry, peeling cuticles. Splitting cuticles are a common problem – particularly if you work in a profession where your hands are exposed to harsh chemicals and water. Ragged, peeling cuticles are not only unattractive, they can be ...

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5 Powerful Health Benefits of Prunes


Prunes are all crinkled and wrinkly, certainly not the prettiest fruit to look at. Sadly, most people think they’re only good for relieving constipation. Not the kind of image most fruits want for themselves. On the other hand, prunes have much to be proud of from a nutritional standpoint. The unassuming little fruit with the wrinkly face is a healthy ...

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Enjoy your friends and live longer

Senior couples playing cards on patio

(NC) When Victor Wasaba retired five years ago, he didn’t want to spend his golden years sitting on the couch watching TV. The 71-year-old Winnipegger wanted to use his time away from work to be active and socialize with friends. “Once a month I meet with the guys from my old repair crew and we go out for breakfast,” he ...

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The Healing Values of Balsam pear


By Godwin Ihesie Botanical Name:Momordicacharantia Family:Cucurbitaceae (gourd family), Common names:Balsam pear, bitter gourd, bitter melon, karela, wild cucumber, bitter cucumber, Th local names:“Okwunuolo” (Igbo) “Daddasu” (Hausa) and “Ejirin” (Yoruba).   Description: Bitter melon is a tender perennial climber that grows in most tropical parts of the world including East and West Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America. It grows ...

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Abortion pill Finally Available in Canada

abortion pill

The first shipments of Mifegymiso arrived earlier this week at two women’s health clinics in Vancouver and Calgary, marking the beginning of a potential sea change in how women in Canada choose to end their pregnancies. “We were over the moon,” said Celia Posyniak, the executive director of Calgary’s Kensington Clinic, the first place in the country to provide the ...

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Give your kids a boost with probiotics


(NC) We have an interconnected relationship with the bacteria in and on our bodies, so when our gut microbe population is unhealthy or imbalanced disease can occur. As the in-house holistic nutritionist for the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), I knew about the many benefits of probiotics and had been taking them for years before becoming pregnant. But since becoming ...

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Some of the Ways of Avoiding Work-Related Stress


By Godwin Ihesie Stress is defined as the physical body’s non-specific reaction or response to any demand made upon it.  The demand could be of physiological, psychological or spiritual in nature. The human physical body is a sacred instrument – magnificently designed to cope with the most natural difficulty without any efficiency loss. To enable the spirit which uses the ...

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Phyllanthus – The Liver Protector and “Stone Breaker”


By Godwin Ihesie The liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. No one can survive without the liver. It is the body’s chemical factory where many of the life-sustaining substances are manufactured. The liver performs more than 500 different functions (though, some of its other activities are yet to be discovered). All the internal organs in ...

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The Medicinal Values of Lemon Grass (Fever Tea)


By Godwin Ihesie Many herbal medicine practitioners believe that herbs can be seen as plant materials (leaves, flowers, seeds, stems, bark, rhizomes and or roots) that can be used for healing purposes. They also believe that when these plant materials are prepared holistically and used appropriately, they are capable of: eliminating toxins from our blood and tissues, invigorating our nervous ...

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Natural and Home Remedies for Depression


By Godwin Ihesie In order to treat depression and indeed other “psychiatric diseases” appropriately and efficiently, it is important to know the root causes. Using anti-depressant medication to alter the chemical balance in the nervous system can help keep the symptoms of depression at bay and perhaps help some of the patients get through their daily routines; however, it would ...

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Managing Diabetes Mellitus with Foods and Herbs

PantherMedia 906049

By Godwin Ihesie   The importance of diabetes Education All the progress made today in the management of diabetes notwithstanding correct education still remains the cornerstone of diabetes management. People with diabetes especially the Type1, unlike the patients with many other medical conditions cannot just be careless with their medication, diets, exercises, blood sugar monitoring or without knowing some of ...

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 Health Hazards Associated With Stress


by Godwin Ihesie   A healthy person is one who is spiritual active, balanced emotionally (psychically) and physically fit. But in today’s modern world, where despite all advancement and progress made in the field of human medicine and health, people are still far from enjoying good and radiant health. With the astronomical growth in the number of healthcare practitioners and ...

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Lowering High Blood cholesterol with Foods and Herbs


By Godwin Ihesie   Cholesterol is a white fatty substance (lipid) found to be present naturally in all the cells and tissues of the body, brain and nerves, skin, liver, etc. It is made in the liver and other cells in the body; also, it is found in some animal-based foods. Triglyceride is equally a kind of lipid present in ...

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