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Make mouth-watering barbecue steaks with this secret rub


It’s easy to see why so many top chefs prefer to cook with natural gas. Natural gas barbecues allow you to cook with more even, direct and precise heat. They’re also energy efficient and hook up to your home’s natural gas connection, meaning you can say goodbye to those frantic moments when you’re low on propane and need to run ...

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How to refresh everyday meals


Looking for an easy, go-to ingredient that can enhance snacks and meals? California grapes add a pleasing pop of colour, a tender-crisp bite and a juicy burst of flavour to any dish. Grapes complement many other ingredients, from cheeses to yogurt, salads and grains, to seafood and meats. Breakfast: When making a breakfast smoothie, toss a handful of whole grapes into ...

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Six Simple Tips For Fabulous Cookies


The holiday season is a time when baking cookies becomes priority number one in many households. There are excellent cookie recipes to be found on the internet, in most cookbooks and on the various cooking programs broadcast on television. Rather than buying the premixed dough that you find in the dairy case at the grocery store, bake your own cookies ...

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How to tell if your pet is healthy


Do you know just how healthy your dog is? According to a recent study of 1,023 Canadian dog owners, 90 per cent are interested in learning more about their dog’s health but need a little help. Here are the top seven indicators for determining your dog’s health: Dental condition. Pay close attention to the colour and amount of tartar on their ...

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How to make a kid-friendly breakfast in bed


Well known celebrity dad-turned-chef Freddie Prinze Jr. loves to be in the kitchen with his pint-sized sous chefs. Growing up in the kitchen himself, Freddie knows the importance of exposing his own kids to cooking at an early age. For a fun, easy way to get the kids in the kitchen, this dad has cooked up a delicious recipe for ...

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Nutritious on-the-go snack ideas


Today, four of every ten Canadians use snacks as a meal replacement. Between a busy workday full of meetings and shuffling the kids around, it can be difficult fitting in full, proper meals into the day. And even if snacks are only between meal treats, it’s important to grab something that’s healthy, convenient, easy and portable. One delicious food that ...

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Try something new — bake with beans

Apple Bean Cake

Adding beans to your baking will boost the protein, fibre, vitamin and mineral content of your treats. The high protein content of beans also improves the texture of baked goods. Find out for yourself with this yummy cake from Ontario Bean Growers. Apple Bean Cake with Warm Cranberry Sauce Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 40-50 minutes Makes: 12 servings ...

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Bring more heart-healthy fish into your summer cooking

Warmer weather calls for lighter meals rich in protein and complemented with refreshing seasonal salads. Try this dish the next time you’re looking for dinnertime inspiration and enjoy al fresco on your patio or balcony. Pan seared salmon paired with a grapefruit summer salad Serves 4 Prep Time: 5 min Total Time: 15 min Ingredients: 4 6-oz (170 g) salmon ...

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White or pea beans. Also known as navy beans, white beans are the most popular edible bean crop grown in Ontario and are often used in soups, salads and baked bean dishes. Most of these are exported to the United Kingdom for baked beans. The rest are sold domestically.  White beans have been grown in Ontario since the early 1900’s. ...

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A bean salad recipe you’ll want to make again and again


Packed with protein and fiber, this summery salad from Ontario Bean Growers makes a great lunch option or side dish for your next barbecue. Bean and Fennel Salad Prep time: 15 minutes Makes: 6 servings Ingredients: 3 cups (750 mL) cooked white pea beans 1 cup (250 mL) fennel (anise), diced (feathery bits removed) 1 cup (250 mL) snow peas, ...

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UPDATE: Health workers to begin indefinite strike on Sept. 20


The Joint Health Sector Union has directed its members to proceed on an indefinite strike with effect from September 20, 2017 if the Federal Government failed to meet its demands. JOHESU comprises the Medical and Health Workers of Nigeria, National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, Senior Staff Association of Universities, Teaching Hospitals, Research Institutes and Associated Institutions, Nigeria Union ...

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Breaking: Health workers set to commence strike September 20


THE Joint Health Sector Unions, JOHESU has directed its members to commence strike from Wednesday 20th September 2017 if the Federal Government fails to attend to their grievances. JOHESU tagged the planned strike ‘Operation Alligator Bite’ saying that it will be more dangerous than the Python Dance declared by the army in the South East The issues in contention are ...

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A Nigerian has discovered the cure to HIV, Mr. Ezeibe.


The HIV cure found by a Nigerian doctor has been approved world wide after a meeting with the Nigerian ministry of health and expect from world health organization(WHO) he also said that the drug will be free to Nigeria citizens, The VC of Micheal Okpara university also said that Mr. Ezeibe had equally presented the drug to his colleagues in ...

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How to manage body pain as you age

Dealing with your child’s bad attitude towards your wife

Our bodies change as we age. And as much as we’d like to steer clear of long-lasting muscle, joint, back and arthritis pain, we may be unable to dodge these symptoms as time marches on. So why does this happen? With age, muscle fibres shrink and weaken, which can contribute to fatigue and limit physical activity. At the same time, ...

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Canada – Quebec to give abortion pill for free by end of 2017

                Thursday, 6th of July, Quebec Health Minister Gaétan barrette declared that ”the abortion pill are going to be available to Quebec residents for free by the end of autumn 2017”. “The government of Quebec has always been supportive towards the right of ladies to choose, significantly with regard to abortion,” said barrette. ...

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Gone are the days, when men grapple on any food they lay their hands on. Gone are the days when the proof of your wealth is the volume of the foods you eat. There was once a time which when a new variety of food is developed, a feel of satisfaction is vested in the eating of such foods. During ...

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4 oral health myths debunked


(NC) Dental hygienists are primary healthcare providers who teach Canadians how to maintain healthy teeth and gums on a daily basis. Here they offer some advice on how to achieve a mega-watt smile. 1. If my teeth look great and don’t hurt, then they are healthy. FALSE. Regular dental hygiene care is important for the early detection of cavities and ...

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Take 5 simple steps to improve your oral health


(NC) Dental hygienists want us all to commit to a good daily oral hygiene routine because they know that oral health is essential to overall health and well-being. As our partners in disease prevention, they tell us that taking care of our mouth can be done in five easy steps: 1. Brush teeth at least twice a day with fluoride ...

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