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House on the Rock Abuja guts fire

Fire guts House on the Rock in Abuja

The incidence is said to have occurred at about 1:30pm after Sunday worship service. The Abuja main auditorium of the church is reported to be under renovation and not used. The church is founded by Paul Adefarasin. The cause of the fire outbreak is still unknown and no official statement has been released.

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New Xbox One X is stronger than ever


By S.Ratko Microsoft recently announced the next version of its Xbox line of gaming consoles, ahead of E3 2017, now ongoing in Los Angeles. The new Xbox One X, which goes on sale Nov. 7 for US$499, is slimmer than previous models and packed with power. With a 6-teraflop Scorpio engine, the One X has 40 percent faster graphics performance ...

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Anti-Racism Directorate announces new Assistant Deputy Minister


The Anti-Racism Directorate is pleased to announce that as a result of an open competitive process led by Sam Erry, Associate Deputy Minister, Inclusion, Diversity, and Anti-Racism Division, Akwatu Khenti is the successful candidate for the position of Assistant Deputy Minister, Anti-Racism Directorate. Akwatu is a seasoned executive leader with deep experience in the implementation of complex multi-sector initiatives with varied stakeholders and partners. ...

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4 Amazing places in Canada (youve probably never heard of)


Canada is located in North America and its not only popular for its diversity of people cultures and languages. However, it features varieties of mind-blowing scenery (both natural and artificial) across it. In fact, I can say the land is flowing with milk and honey and it has never lost it glory as the second-largest country in the world. To ...

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Gone are the days, when men grapple on any food they lay their hands on. Gone are the days when the proof of your wealth is the volume of the foods you eat. There was once a time which when a new variety of food is developed, a feel of satisfaction is vested in the eating of such foods. During ...

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Mixed reactions trail the merging of religious studies as CAN fumes


Nigerians have continued to react to the removal of Christian religious Knowledge (C.R.K.) from the school curriculum by the NERDC. The agency had merged CRK with Ethics and social studies, a move which has prompted reactions from the Christian Association of Nigeria. CAN has condemned the move as a plot to Islamize the country. Sources from the Ministry of Education ...

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5 things your car could be telling you this spring

Mechachic checking on a car

(NC) Those new “shake, rattle and roll” noises coming from your vehicle are important sounds to pay attention to after a long winter and one too many potholes. “It’s always worth having a technician check out your vehicle. The problems may be minor, but if you ignore what your car is telling you it could create major concerns down the ...

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3 things to do after graduation when you can’t find a job


(NC) So you’ve spent the last four years of your life at university. You’ve dedicated your time in equal portions to studying in the library and making lifelong friends. You’ve had the best time of your life and are ready to walk out those ivy-covered walls with your diploma in hand. Unfortunately, graduating university in the 21st century no longer ...

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4 oral health myths debunked


(NC) Dental hygienists are primary healthcare providers who teach Canadians how to maintain healthy teeth and gums on a daily basis. Here they offer some advice on how to achieve a mega-watt smile. 1. If my teeth look great and don’t hurt, then they are healthy. FALSE. Regular dental hygiene care is important for the early detection of cavities and ...

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Take 5 simple steps to improve your oral health


(NC) Dental hygienists want us all to commit to a good daily oral hygiene routine because they know that oral health is essential to overall health and well-being. As our partners in disease prevention, they tell us that taking care of our mouth can be done in five easy steps: 1. Brush teeth at least twice a day with fluoride ...

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Feminism among Africans; navigating two evil pathways


Written by Olumide Oyekunle juliusolumide@yahoo.co.uk The society no doubt has failed the female folk, with so much glass ceiling at workplace, income inequality, abuses and violent conducts. We have produced men with machismo vibes, arrogant, proud and boastful, boys with little or no kitchen knowledge and disrespectful. They grow up becoming who they were nurtured to be, some inevitably becoming ...

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Nigeria’s former Minister of Health and Head UNFPA, Professor Babatunde Osotimehin is dead

Professor Babatunde Osotimehin

He died at the age of 68. He was a former provost of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and also served as the head of Nigeria’s Aids Control Agency NACA

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Turning the palace to food bank


By Ibraheem Alli   Seeing smile on the people`s faces is what gives me joy. Taking care of the present so they can be better through healthcare, food and infrastructures is my target as a traditional ruler. I worship God through service to humanity and that is my utmost priority, my own private jet, my maybach and all luxuries of ...

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Thinking about running for office?


  Monday, April 3, 2017 Edmonton’s election for City and School Board officials will take place this fall – Monday, October 16, 2017 – and the Edmonton.ca website now has everything you need to know if you’re considering running for Mayor, City Councillor or School Board Trustee. Visit Edmonton Elections: For Candidates for key information on filing a notice of intent to run for office, nomination instructions and forms, ...

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Jobboom job ad

Hello, I work for Jobboom.com, an employment and career resource portal based in Canada. To offer your visitors even more value, it would be great to add a link to the Jobboom website (http://www.jobboom.com/en). This will allow your visitors to find local employment offers, read advice on how to create a CV, find tips on how to succeed in job interviews ...

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Do You Need A Tetanus Vaccine Booster?

tetanus shot

By Dr. Kristie Are you overdue for your tetanus vaccine booster? With a busy family and career life, you may not have given this much thought. If this is the case, now might be a good time to look back through your records and see when you had your last tetanus booster shot.   What is tetanus and why is ...

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Calling All Artists: The City is Looking for Your Hazel Art  


February 14, 2017 Today has traditionally been about hearts, flowers and poetry but in Ontario, Valentine’s Day is now about so much more.   On December 8, 2016, the Ontario legislature passed an Act proclaiming February 14 as Hazel McCallion Day in Ontario. To celebrate Mississauga’s longest serving mayor, the City’s Culture Division is planning a spring exhibition that pays ...

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What Are the Best Sources of Thiamin?


Vitamins are nutrients your body needs to carry out reactions that are essential for life but can’t make in sufficient amounts. To avoid a vitamin deficiency, you need to get adequate amounts of vitamins from dietary sources, preferably from unprocessed foods. Water-soluble vitamins need to be replaced frequently since they aren’t stored well by the body. Such is the case ...

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