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Colourblocking or colour riot??


Colourblocking is a controversial fashion trend all over the world. As some people see it as a fashion trend that should be accepted, some see it as insane. In Nigeria and some other parts of the world, it was formerly known as colour riot. Whether Colourblocking or colour riot, the question here is; Is it right to combine two or ...

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Beauty Trifecta: Look, Feel, and Sound Beautiful


My Fair Lady, She’s All That, Clueless. All are reincarnations of the Pygmalion inspired story, where an “ugly duckling,” with major modifications in appearance and behavior, blossoms into a beautiful swan. As common as these scripts and story lines are, many of us refuse to apply the practices shown to our own beauty image. We only address superficial beauty, with ...

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Quick Beauty Tips


By Susan M. Keenan Women are truly beautiful- in personality and in looks.  Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a bit of effort or a weekly beauty regimen to keep women looking beautiful.  Below, a number of helpful, easy-to-use, and quick beauty tips are provided to make that regimen even more successful and pleasant.   Shaving Tips If you use shaving cream, ...

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South Sudanese model Ajak Deng has declared that she is retiring from international runways and relocating back to Australia where she started her career for the life that she fully deserved. The model made the declaration on her Instagram page to her fan base of 67.000+ followers. Her farewell comes after claims from her manager that she does not have as much glamorous ...

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