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Canada @ 150 – The argument for a seat at the UN Security Council

Canada’s milestone anniversary as it clocks 150 is not only a landmark achievement but also significant. Beyond the democratic ideals which promote freedom to attain the summit of happiness and prosperity, the country is also the melting pot for cross-cultural connection. The country boasts of not less than 200 different nationalities as it provides a safe haven for thousands seeking asylum or refugees from war torn countries. Its open arms policy to individuals from war ravaged countries has not weakened its economic prowess, rather it has strengthened it.

The country currently seeks to be a permanent member of UN Security Council, a place which she deserves as an economic giant with GDP that is only surpassed by the United States, China, Russia, Germany, and Japan. The country is already well represented by various nationalities much more than most of the members who currently occupy a seat at the coveted Security Council.

Canada is also at the forefront of technological advancement and a major player in the Americas in terms of funding technological initiatives. The country has also been instrumental in funding various programs in Africa, Asia and other countries such to help them alleviate poverty and improve the standard of living. Recently, the country announced that it will release funds to Nigeria, Somalia, and Sudan, which are currently battling with insurgencies with over 5 million people displaced.

The maturity of the country’s leadership after the NAFTA agreement saga which almost threatened the economic stability of the region and its foreign relations with the US is indeed worthy of note. It is a further testament to the country’s ability to effectively relate to other countries in difficult situations for the purpose of peace and stability. Canada is, therefore, more than ready to take its rightful position among the committee of nations and the time is now.