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Britain releases confessions of its youngest double murderers

Britain releases confessions of its youngest double murderers

By Robert Njeru

Judges in Britain recently allowed two teenage murderers to be identified and their shocking confessions to be released to the public. They are believed to be the nation’s two youngest double murderers.

According to The Sun, Lucas Markham, 15, and his 15-year-old girlfriend Kim Edwards, murdered Kim’s mother and sister, Elizabeth and Katie Edwards, while they were sleeping in their Lincolnshire home in April 2016. Three Court of Appeal judges in London lifted a prohibition banning their identification before they could release it to the public. The two teenagers decided to kill Kim’s mother because she was against their relationship and had even tried to break them up.

The Sun also revealed that the young murderers had sex after the killings, before taking a bath together and finally watching the “Twilight” series. The teens were both 14 at the time of the murders.

According to a recent interview with investigators, Kim Edwards revealed that one of the motives for the killings was that their mother always favored her sister in her expense.

Markham confessed that he was responsible for Kim’s mum’s death; he also said that he was forced to kill Katie because he feared that she would leak the information to the cops.

In a calm, undramatic voice, Markham admitted that he stabbed Kim’s mom in the neck while she was asleep on her side in her bedroom, he then used a pillow to smother her face until he was sure that she had died.

He then went to Katie’s room and stabbed her as well before smothering her face with a pillow too, this is according an audio obtained by Channel 5.

The killings have inspired a new documentary called “Murdered By My Daughter,” it features exclusive access into Markham’s confession and it is set to air soon.

In a statement, Lincolnshire Detective Superintendent Martin Holvey described the murders of Katie and Elizabeth Edwards as “brutal and horrific.” He said that it was sad that the whole nation had to live in shock as they internalize how two 14 year-olds plotted and executed such an inhumane act.

“Now that everyone knows that a 14 year-old Kim Edwards was responsible for plotting her own mother’s death with the help of her boyfriend, I am certain that a sense of horror and disbelief will be deepened,” Martin Holvey said.

Authorities in Lincolnshire have said that the public will “definitely focus attention” on the horrific case once again now that the information has been released.

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards were given 20-year prison sentences in November.