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Olumide Julius Oyekunle

Andrew Enofe, Real Estate Agent Hosts A Client Appreciation Dinner

How building your own network within your community is key to becoming a successful real estate agent. A Nigerian Visionary Realtor – Andrew Enofe

Andrew Enofe, a top-notch real estate agent since 2012, hosted a Client Appreciation Dinner for his clients and their families on December 16th, 2017 as part of his effort to build relationships.

While chatting with our NCNC correspondent, he noted that real estate is one of the safest investments for anyone who wants to build equity in addition to becoming a homeowner. The rising sales representative for Right At Home Realty Brokerage (a Canadian real estate firm) observed that success in real estate depends largely on people – it’s a continuum that does not end at the contract table.

He pointed out that the Canadian business environment is wide enough for anyone to become a success story if businesses concentrate more on the community they belong to, create a niche, and build relationships. According to the York University graduate, whose passion to solve one of the most basic needs of humans led him to the real estate business, the multicultural aspect of Canadian society makes it easier for individuals to harness the commonality and social cohesion that exists within a group or community for ample business opportunities.

“Blazing through as a business owner in Canada, just like everywhere, requires staying in focus. Focus on people that will give you the greatest return on investment and who are the greatest users of your products and services.” He made the statement in the context of the relentless drive of some African-Canadians who want to compete and force their way into a market system already segmented by race and ethnic configuration.

This year’s appreciation event wasn’t just another contract-signing get-together. It was indeed a time to relax, play, wine and dine – away from busy schedules. It was also an opportunity to unite families in one fun-filled environment. “It’s about the family, it is family oriented. It’s a way to say thank you to the clients for the investments they’ve made,” Andrew stated.

“The same man who struggled to land sales before, suddenly found myself selling an average of two houses a month. I don’t kid myself that it is by chance or entirely by my own expertise. No, your contribution to the success of my career cannot be overstated.” He said this while acknowledging the fact that his clients had contributed immensely to his rising career as a real estate agent.

Highlights of the event include play pass, a raffle draw. People went home with exciting prizes. Children also had a Santa experience while parents were having a great time at the dinner table. Mr. Enofe added that it’s not just about doing business; real estate agents will become successful if they build relationships. “Maintaining long-lasting relationships will ensure you get referrals,” he emphasized.

Real Estate Agency in Nigeria

Though the real estate business in Nigeria may be thriving, but Mr. Enofe observed that the lack of regulation in Nigeria has led to a negative perception of real estate services, where agents are seen as caretakers who are opportunistic and not transparent in their dealings.

However, the Edo-born Nigerian, who migrated to Canada over 10 years ago as a youth, still strongly believes in expansion and maintains that there is a possibility of extending his business reach to the African continent in the near future.

He assured his clients that more surprises await them in the coming year. He also called on individuals to take the bull by the horn and invest now and become a homeowner in 2018. “There’s ultimately going to be more surprises both for new and existing clients in the coming year. He asked his clients and their guests to refer their friends and family members to his business for all their real estate needs.

“The referral of your friends and family is the greatest compliment you can give. Thanks for your trust,” he concluded.

For further inquiries, Andrew Enofe’s office is situated at 9311, Weston Road, Unit 6, Vaughan, Ontario, L48, 3GB. 

Andrew can also be reached by phone at 416 833 8909 and by email at osasandrew@hotmail.com