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Albinism Awareness Day

I’m not white I’m not black, stuck between my African root and my physical semblance with Europeans, I have been made to feel like my “oyinbo” identity was fake, that I was painted with white emulsion mixed with glue. Rubbish! I’m Albino and I’m proud to be.
Tell the witch doctors of Malawi who are desperately hunting me  like a game for ritual purposes that Albinos are not for sale. Their demons think my bones could produce money in large quantity as if I possessed an ATM within my DNA and a money printing device in my system. I’m not your Central Bank, so be warned.
I’m Albino and I do eat fried chicken with rice just like you, Bread and beans taste great in my mouth the way it tastes in yours. I apply salt to my boiled fish and vegetables, don’t tell me nonsense.
I cry like you when I experience pain and you will gladly see my teeth (at least 24 out of 32) in the front yard of my mouth whenever joy overwhelms me. I understand the Alphabets, I also learn to write. Don’t judge me by the colour of my skin or I’ll report you folks to Martin Luther King Jr.
Being Albino, I poo, and trust me it doesn’t smell nicely just like yours. I draw waters from my system to fill the WC. It’s called urine; I fart sometimes when I do that. Waters of ease.
Place an Albino side by side with Usain Bolt on the track and you might be shocked. He will give the world’s fastest man a run for his money. Allow an Albino to stand at the goal post in a Football team and Ronaldo may just be frustrated. Clean sheets all the way.
Albinos are beautiful and they can also play the game of love. If you had been treated bad by your partner, try an Albino, their lips are not bitter, they are designed for kisses. They have passions and can dream. Albinos can get angry and upset when you provoke them to anger just as you have done severally and no one attached your fury to the colour of your skin.
When we all get down six feet beneath the earth, breathless and alone, the ants feast on us just as they would devour Blacks or pound on White. In the grave, colours make no sense to the soldiers of destruction.
I’m Albino and I love my life.

For World Day of Albinism Day marked every 13th of June.