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3 essential tips for winter car care

(NC) Do you feel a little less confident working under the hood of a newer vehicle these days? With all of the technology involved, modern engine complexity may be the primary reason for a decline in do-it-yourself automobile care.

“It’s true that the big maintenance jobs might be best left to skilled mechanics, and yet, a few of the DIY basics, especially before winter, are still pretty easy to do,” says Colin Dilley at Prestone, a leading name in auto care and reported now to be North America’s top engine protection brand of antifreeze/coolant. “Just a few routine steps will ensure your own safety behind the wheel and will also help extend the life of such a major investment.” Here are three tasks to top your winterizing list:

  1. Top up windshield fluids with a winter specific formula and replace wiper blades if brittle.
  2. Check tire pressure regularly and add air to the recommended level if needed. Keep an eye on the treads of your tires as well. For the best vehicle control in any weather conditions, replace the tires no later than 5/32″ of remaining tread depth.
  3. Check antifreeze/coolant level and concentration and top up as needed. The job of this fluid is to maintain the right temperature under the hood which is vital for your personal safety, to prevent vehicle breakdowns due to over-heating, and to ensure a longer engine life.

Dilley adds: “Topping up the antifreeze/coolant is a quick safety measure but always make sure that it contains a proven corrosion inhibitor. Corrosion is a primary cause of cooling system damage and is not always easy to detect during DIY maintenance. Our product labels are a helpful guide, including the guarantee of engine protection for all vehicles – domestic, Asian, and European. This all-vehicle feature ensures compatibility with fluids in all cars and light duty trucks.”