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3 benefits of having a pet in your home

Everyone knows that one of the best reasons to own a pet is the devoted and unmatched love and companionship they bring. Rather than walking into an empty house, you always have a friendly face to greet you.

But what many people don’t realize is that the positive effects of pet ownership extend much farther, as our furry friends can have a profound positive effect on our lives.

Here are some of the many reasons to bring a dog into your home:

Health benefits. Having a dog can improve your mind and body wellness. You’ll need to walk that dog every day, which means your daily exercise will increase, leading to better cardiovascular health. As well, dog owners have been found to have fewer heart attacks and lower blood pressure.

Socialization. If you have children, pet ownership can help teach them about care-taking and responsibility. For example, if the dog food is running low, it is their job to put nutritious dog food like Purina One on the grocery list. If it’s 7 p.m., they’re the ones taking the dog for a walk.

Security. Pets provide a sense of security. Studies have shown pets help alleviate stress and anxiety in their owners. They provide protection against intruders and are often used to help trauma victims and stressed out students.

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