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Smart Woman

Book suggestions

By. N.Ugoh

Women should be empowered. They should be taught how to handle their lives and relationships, most especially their financial condition. Having a good knowledge on how to lift their spirits up and to survive in debt or losses, a woman will surely achieve a successful and productive life in the future. Grab a copy of these books we listed below to discover how delightful it is to become a smart, loving, caring and strong woman.

The Smart Money Woman 
by Arese Ugwu 

Zuri wants to have a well-heeled life but she only earns a little. With her fabulous friends, Zuri learns a lot in working her way up to financial success. In each chapter of this book, you will surely get helpful tips on how to survive spending, debt, losses, friendships and societal pressures in the consumerist culture of the African middle class.

Smart Woman


by Kiki Swinson

Though Kira lives a fabulous life, owns a profitable business and comfortable home, her life is in a dangerous situation having married Ricky, a notorious drug dealer. Ricky is confident that his reinforcements will help him get away with his wrongdoings, but Kira feared for her life so she devised a plan to flee from his husband. Wifey

The Forbidden Man 

by Elle Wright 

Sick and tired of being cheated of her fiancé, Sydney decided to call off her engagement with Den. Morgan, Den’s brother, came to rescue Sydney who was really devastated of her fiancé’s dirty deed. They became friends and discovered an intense connection but Sydney refused to show her feelings to Morgan who was compelled to further show his ardent love to Sydney.

Forbidden man

Married Men (A Man’s World Series) 

by Carl Weber 


Four different men made wicked vows they thought would make them happy for the rest of their lives. Thus, when troubles came in, each of them faced their enraged wives which brought things to divorce and jail. In the end, all they have is each other to rely on.

married men

Ibadan 1981

By Pastor Dele Dada

“Nobody has accused you, we are not in any court of law so there is no need for defense, “Tosin interrupted again but in a jovial manner ignoring the lip touching comment.

Kola trying to stretch his luck further this evening tried to hold her hand as they were walking along the side walk, she tried to avoid it.


Obviously many of the students were watching them. Not that students did not have their suspicions about this Romeo and Juliet love affair unfolding between her and Kola but she did not want to give them room for rumour mongering. She knows that she is a role model and mentor to many of them as the Vice-President of the Christian Counseling Club. She will not mind holding Kola but she needed privacy, and the time has not come for her to do that openly. Maybe after today if she really can trust Kola she can allow that.


Kola said, “What I am trying to say is this, it is over two years that I have seized every opportunity to let you know that I really love you, one year on the campus and this year is ending again. If my idea of following you is infatuation as you said, the moment you do not respond to my passion or lust, as you call it, I will go away. But look at me Tosin. Let us know where we are with each other. I am serious about you. I genuinely love you. I have told my parents what you will not want to hear. I told them, ‘I have found the lady I will marry, my dream woman’.”


“Good for you,” Tosin replied. “If I may ask you, who is the lucky woman?”


“Are you asking me again” Kola said to her ears in a romantic voice. “You of course-.”


“You have just confirmed what I said. Infatuation is a feeling, real love is a commitment. Kola, infatuation is about emotion, real love is about devotion. You are not the only one that has told me they really love me, but I can see beyond that. Most of you men are attracted to physical features of ladies. Marrying a woman because of her beauty is like buying a house because of paint which wears out with time. You told your parents you have seen the person whom you want to marry, it is not just about you announcing that to them, but about you saying you have seen a lady you can marry. Can you help me pray about it? You do not know me Kola and I do not know you. The good thing is that we are Christians and I know Christians pray about such things. Kola, go and pray about what you are saying. I will marry, but I will marry a Christian, not one that just professes to love me but one who is really committed to God.” Tosin smiled.


Kola looked really attentive.

“Kola you have no idea what marriage is About.” Tosin said sternly.

“I hope I am not hurting your feelings, if I do please forgive me,” she almost said I love you but she did not allow it to spill out of her mouth.