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10 Things You Had No Idea Your iPhone Could Do

10 Things You Had No Idea Your iPhone Could Do

By S.Ratko

iPhones have many secrets that ordinary users like you and me might not know about. We did some research and decided to show you some cool hidden option we bet you don’t know about!


  1. Take Siri to School

Tired of Siri pronouncing things wrong? Next time she messes something up, tell her “That is not how you pronounce X,” and afterwards pronounce it for her. She’ll try it again, and offer you a couple alternatives for how she is supposed to pronounce the word. Choose the one that sounds the best, and Siri will utilize that pronunciation from now on.


  1. Level Up

Need a level for a quick DIY project at home? The compass app on your iPhone has one built in. In order to utilize it, open up the compass application on your phone, and afterwards swipe to the left to pull up the level screen.


  1. Custom Vibrations

You’re not restricted to the same vibration for everything. You can create new Vibration in Sound settings to tap out your own vibration pattern. You can as well name your creation and make use of it. For instance, you could decide to have just one for tweets or emails and another one vibration pattern for your texts. After implementing your own secret code, you really won’t have to pull out your telephone out from your pocket nearly as much.


  1. Controlling Your Camera With Your Headphones

Your arms are not long enough to get the entire family into that selfie? Utilize your earbuds as a remote shutter button for your iPhone’s camera. Basically dispatch the camera as usual, set up your shot, and after that press the volume-up button to snap a photograph.


  1. Block Calls From Your Ex

Tired of constant calls from your ex or a boring telemarketer? Block calls from a particular number by tapping the “i” button beside their latest call or pulling up their contact card in your telephone, and selecting Block This Caller from the bottom of the page.


Once blocked, you won’t see calls or texts from that individual. On the off chance that you make up later on, you can unblock their number by going to Settings and removing them from Blocked list.


  1. Put a Sleep Timer on Your Jams

You love to listen to music while you’re going to sleep? You can utilize the timer on your iPhone to schedule when your music will stop so that it cuts out soon after you nod off. Select the clock feature on your phone and go to timer. Set a length for the music. Afterwards, scroll to the bottom of the list of available alarm sounds and then select Stop Playing from the options. When you hit Start on the clock, your tunes will start playing until the timer hits zero.


  1. Faster Power Up

Have just a couple of minutes to charge your phone before taking off to the town? Put it in airplane mode to make it power up twice as fast. Since your phone won’t have to utilize any battery life to search and connect to Wi-Fi network, it can focus on getting charged up. (Airplane mode is also a good way to extend that last 5 percent of battery life.)


  1. Show the Time Stamp of Every Text

Trying to recollect precisely when you sent that last text? Slide one text to the left to uncover the time stamp on all of the texts on the page.


  1. Go Undercover

Don’t want anybody to see when your significant other suddenly decides to send you a spicy text? You can disable the home screen preview for messages so that any nosy screen-lookers see only “iMessage” rather than details about your outrageous after-dinner plans. Disable preview by going to Settings, Notification Center, and then Messages. In the Messages page, toggle the Show Preview button to the off position.


  1. Remind Yourself to Buy Anything

The iPhone also allows you to create a geofence around a certain location, and send you a reminder whenever you pass through its virtual gates. For instance, a fence around your local grocery store can remind you to pick up some stuff while you shop, or a fence at the office can be the nudge you need to remember to pass along that project file you keep forgetting. Set up a geofence by going into your phone’s Reminders app, create a reminder, and then tap the “i” beside it. Select “Remind me at a location” from the next page, and then add the address where you’d like to receive a notification and whether you’d like to get it as you’re arriving at the place, or as you’re about to leave.



Pretty cool, huh? We hope that you’ll like these features. I know that we did, especially that faster power up. That is a real life saver!